Preventing the exit of foreigners from the Gaza Strip

Preventing the exit of foreigners from the Gaza Strip

Israeli Defense Minister: We will eliminate Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar

“We will reach the summit of Hamas. We will reach and eliminate Yahya Sinwar. I say to the residents of Gaza: If you reach it before us, the war will be shortened.” This was stated by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant in a press conference held at the Israeli Ministry of Defense, in reference to the leader of Hamas in Gaza.

Israel: interception of a long-range missile towards Eilat

The Israeli army said that the Arrow air defense system intercepted a long-range missile fired by Hamas from Gaza towards the southern city of Eilat. The Hamas movement claimed responsibility for the operation by announcing the launch of an Ayyash 250 missile towards Eilat. This is the second interception of the long-range air defense system since the beginning of the war, after the launch of a ballistic missile from Yemen towards Eilat. Down last week.

Israel: Nasrallah does not make mistakes, otherwise Lebanon’s fate will be decided

“Yahya Sinwar made a mistake and decided the fate of Hamas and Gaza. If Nasrallah makes a mistake, the fate of Lebanon will be decided.” This was stated by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who visited the Israeli forces stationed in the north. Galant then added that the Israeli Air Force retained much of its capabilities in the northern region on the border with Lebanon against Hezbollah, adding that Israel is not Interested in a war with Beirut.

Long-range missile from Gaza

Sirens sound in the Arava area north of the Israeli city of Eilat. The Times of Israel reported that a long-range missile was fired from the Gaza Strip.

USA: Hamas prevents foreigners from leaving Gaza

Hamas will prevent foreign citizens from leaving Gaza until Israel ensures that ambulances from the Palestinian Strip reach the Rafah crossing into Egypt. A US official familiar with the situation told CNN. The militia’s decision comes after Israel admitted to targeting an ambulance outside Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, confirming that Hamas transports militia members and weapons to emergency vehicles. According to an official source on the Egyptian side, more than 700 foreign citizens are expected to leave the Gaza Strip today through the Rafah crossing.

Gaza: Hamas fighters did not use ambulances

The Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry rejected the IDF’s accusations after the IDF claimed yesterday that it had hit an ambulance “used by… Hamas terrorist cell “Close to their positions in the combat zone,” CNN reported. According to Gaza authorities, at least 15 people were killed and 50 others were injured in the attack that occurred outside Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. According to the ministry, two ambulances were attacked, “The first attack was near Al-Ansar Roundabout, which seriously injured a paramedic and an ambulance driver.” He added, “The second attack – according to what they said from Gaza and was reported by the American broadcaster – took place while the convoy was arriving at the entrance” to the health facility.

Jerusalem struck a Catholic school

“This morning, Israeli raids hit the Rosary Sisters School of the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem in the Tal al-Hawa area, causing damage to the large outdoor courtyard and causing damage to the surrounding buildings.” Sister Nabila Saleh announced the news to Mr. Sir, the director of the school, which had 1,250 students, the majority of whom were The majority of Muslims. The displaced nun, currently at Holy Family Parish, says: “A short while ago, the three young men who were guarding the school warned me to avoid looting from the bombing.” He added, “The bombing is still continuing and it is impossible to go and see the damage.”

European Union, the premise of providing humanitarian aid to Israel by sea

The proposal to establish a humanitarian corridor by sea based in Cyprus to deliver aid to civilians in Gaza by ship, which was launched at the EU summit on October 26-27, will receive Israeli approval on the condition that it “be able to control the containers in Cyprus.” “. . European sources explain this to a small group of media outlets, including the European Newsroom group of press agencies, of which ANSA is part. The same sources explained that the European Union has been working “intensively” with Cyprus for more than a week to try to “establish a sea corridor for aid” directed to the Strip without any other intermediary steps from Egypt.

Opening the Rafah crossing for the exit of the wounded and foreigners

For the fourth day in a row, the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt will be opened for the exit of foreigners, dual nationals, and wounded Palestinians. We learn from local sources that there are around 800 people, although there is no confirmation of this number at the moment.

The Israeli army strikes southern Lebanon

Tensions remain high between Israel and Lebanese Hezbollah. The Israeli army carries out strikes in southern Lebanon, after monitoring “a series of cross-border shooting operations” towards Israeli towns. Shortly before that, “two terrorist cells in southern Lebanon” were targeted and – according to the military spokesman – they were trying to fire on Israel with an anti-tank missile. A Hezbollah site was also struck.

A missile hit the house of the head of the political bureau of Hamas

Today, Israeli occupation aircraft bombed with a missile the home of Ismail Haniyeh, head of the political bureau of the Hamas movement, in the Beach refugee camp north of Gaza City. Local sources reported this. Haniyeh moved to Qatar in 2019. It is currently unknown whether the attack resulted in casualties.

Israel: The ground operation in Gaza continues

The ground operation in the Gaza Strip continues. The military spokesman said, “The soldiers killed dozens of terrorists and destroyed Hamas’ infrastructure.” The spokesman explained that “yesterday there were numerous attempts to target soldiers from tunnels and military complexes in the northern Gaza Strip.” During the night, “in a targeted raid in the south of the Gaza Strip, armored vehicles and engineers surveyed the buildings and dismantled explosive devices.” During the operation, the soldiers encountered a terrorist cell whose members were killed.

Hamas hid its “militiamen” in ambulances

An American source said, “Hamas tried to take its fighters out of Gaza via Rafah in ambulances, which slowed down efforts to evacuate foreigners.” This was reported by Israeli media, in which the source reported that “Hamas provided Egypt and the United States with a list of seriously injured people who they want to evacuate, along with hundreds of foreigners waiting to leave.” The United States and Egypt discovered that “a third of the names were combatants, and none of them were among the 76 Palestinians who were injured and eventually evacuated.”

Guterres: Terrified by the attack on ambulances

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said he was “appalled” by the attack launched by Israeli forces on an ambulance convoy in Gaza. He said this in a statement, adding that the conflict “must end.” “I am horrified by the attack reported in Gaza on the ambulance convoy outside Al-Shifa Hospital. The images of bodies strewn in the street outside the hospital are heartbreaking.”

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Little Minerva and her mother arrived in Italy from Gaza

The six-year-old Italian girl Minerva, who is celebrating her birthday today, arrived in Italy this evening, with her Palestinian mother, Bayan Al-Nayyar, and the humanitarian worker Jacopo Intini, with his Palestinian wife, Amal. In Fiumicino, the father gave an emotional welcome to the little girl, tired but smiling, with a Minnie Mouse doll in hand and a balloon reading Happy Birthday, and his wife. The group, which was able to leave Gaza through the Rafah crossing, landed at around nine in the evening at Fiumicino Airport on an ETA flight from Cairo. Upon the group’s arrival, they were assisted by employees of the financial police at the airport.

Hamas: “Israel bombed two ambulances: 15 killed and 17 wounded”

Two ambulances were reported to have been hit by Israeli raids, killing 15 people and wounding 17 others. This was stated by the spokesman for the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Ministry of Health, Ashraf Al-Qudra, in a statement to reporters. He stated that the first car targeted Al-Ansar roundabout in Gaza City. Al-Qudra indicated that the ambulance driver was seriously injured, and one of the paramedics was seriously injured and is still in the operating room. The spokesman said that the medical convoy then returned, and a second ambulance was targeted when it arrived at the gate of the Shifa Hospital complex: It was claimed that fifteen people were killed in the attack on the second ambulance. Sixteen other people were injured.

The United States confirms the use of drones in the Strip to locate hostages

The United States confirmed for the first time that it had launched unarmed reconnaissance aircraft over the Gaza Strip since Hamas launched its attack on Israel on October 7. Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Pat Ryder said, “The United States is conducting air sorties with unarmed drones over Gaza, and is also providing advice and assistance to support our partner Israel in its quest to recover the hostages.” He added, “These flights began after the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7.” The confirmation comes after MQ-9 Reapers, commonly used by US Special Forces, were spotted by journalists flying over Gaza on Flightradar24, a publicly accessible flight tracking website.

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