Japan and the United States are ready to build maritime bases near Taiwan

The Japanese islands heading to Taiwan would become naval headquarters to intervene immediately in the event of a “emergency” in Taiwan.

The Japanese news agency reports that the Japanese and US armed forces have drawn up a draft plan to work together to deal with a possible “emergency” in Taiwan. Kyoto. Amid growing tensions between the island and China, the leaked information is seen as a possible cause for the Washington-Beijing conflict, which could go beyond diplomatic and business levels. From Talked about joint planning for a few months.

According to the plan, the Navy will build temporary bases on the Nansei Island Chain, which stretches from Kyushu to Taiwan, one of the four main islands that make up the Japanese archipelago – so far as the Ampebius Infantry is concerned. Those sites in Taipei will be a key tactical / logistical point in the early stages of the “emergency” – as Pentagon officials now describe the Chinese-armed attack on the island.

If we talk about military plans to retaliate against the Chinese attack on Taiwan, it is because they were high-ranking Chinese officials (including the Secretary of State and Secretary of State). Xi Jinping) It should not be ruled out that the desired connection for decades may also occur through the actions of force. The People’s Republic of China considers the Republic of China to be a rebellious province and plans for a merger (perhaps by the end of the century, 2049). can come.

Japan already operates important U.S. military bases, including the southern island of Okinawa, the heart of Indo-Pacific Naval Week and a short distance from Taiwan. Okinawa will be vital to any US support during the Chinese offensive. According to the Japanese media, former Taiwanese colonial rulers Tokyo and Washington are expected to reach an agreement on formulating an official plan at a “2 + 2” meeting of foreign and defense ministers early next year.

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The Taiwanese government says it wants peace, but says it will defend itself if necessary and will continue to do so. The United States defines the “hedgehog strategy”, Which is a military reinforcement, capable of raising the level of resistance. Within a few months the Japanese government began to register Very firm position China’s occupation of Taipei suggested that it would consider options and prepare “different scenarios”. The operation is being carried out somewhat independently from Tokyo It regains a strategic dimension Area; To some extent Is being built Through close ties with the United States.

Earlier this month, former Prime Minister The Abe Shinzo He said Japan and the United States could not care if China attacked Taiwan. This is part of a strategic sequence Tokyo also confirmed the new prime minister Kishida Fumio. U.S. officials have long told the media that the Japanese area could play a key role in any emergency involving Taiwan, as it has tens of thousands of troops in Japan and is close to Taiwan.

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