Car insurance policy, all your money back: Hurry, hurry and do it, it’s a unique opportunity

Car insurance policy, all your money back: Hurry, hurry and do it, it’s a unique opportunity RC policy coupon

Great news for motorists and all those who own a car, willing to pay for their insurance.

Every year those who own a car will have to Incurring fixed expensesSuch as taxes or insurance. The latter, which is specifically called Car insurance policy (civil liability).In particular, it is very useful Avoid finding yourself with huge expenses to pay if you are responsible for an accident Which caused economic damage.

actually Your car insurance policy will pay for itself in such a case, even paying very heavy compensation. clearly The car owner will have to pay an amount to the insurance company every yearWhich varies depending on the type of policy, the experience of the car owner, the period of time during which no claims have been submitted, and many other things.

However, it is not possible to drive without insurance. If you are caught without this, the risk is that you will receive one A very, very high fineWhich can range from 866 to 3464 euros. However, excellent news has arrived for all motorists in Italy. The money spent to pay for your car insurance policy will be refunded immediately.

Here’s how to get your money back

When we go to fill out Form 730 we can deduct certain items related to the car insurance policy from it. These are the risk of death, the risk of permanent disability starting at 5%, and all insurance premiums that relate to the driver’s accident.

So it is possible to subtract those additional items from our basic insurance. The maximum amount that can be obtained is 530 euros. Therefore, if this amount is exceeded by additional expenses compared to our basic policy, we will not receive any further compensation.

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Model 730 –

There are many obstacles to getting a refund

There are several restrictions to availing these discounts. Firstly Life and casualty insurance must have been formalized or renewed by December 31, 2000The minimum period must be 5 years.

If this is the case Provided or renewed from 2001 onwards, You will only be able to get your money back if it is a disability risk issue (starting from 5%) Or death. Moreover, only those who have The maximum income is 120 thousand euros. Therefore, it will not be easy to comply with all these limits and obtain this money.

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