Luca de Meo to EU: We need a strong industrial strategy on the car

Luca de Meo to EU: We need a strong industrial strategy on the car

Luca Demeo He appealed to the European Union, called on the political world to create “Strong industrial strategyto the automotive sector in a way that enables it response to competition From global giants such as the United States and China. This is what emerged from an interview that the CEO of the Renault Group and the President of ACEA gave to ANSA during the Vivatech fair in Paris. This is not the first time that the director has stressed the urgency of a strategy that will allow us to meet the new challenges of the European automotive sector.

Speaking about the possibility of Europe being able to respond to Asian manufacturers or companies such as Tesla, de Meo highlighted that In Europe it is technically possible to do everything. However, it is crucial to bring a number of elements in line to be present in many segments such as semiconductor part. The director points out that Europe has made a lot of money available to support the transition to electric mobility. Unfortunately, Europe also has it Tendency to set a lot of rules.

Technically, I think you can do almost everything in Europe: there are no limits to our engineering capabilities, but obviously you have to arrange a number of elements to ensure your presence in all sectors, such as semiconductors or the electric vehicle value chain. In Europe, there are certainly many funds that, for example, in the Green Deal, were given to go in this direction but on the other hand, Europe tends to do a lot of regulation.

For this, De Meo emphasizes, it is necessary to create a solid industrial strategy.

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Today’s topic is how to build a bridge between these two things and this is called industrial strategy.

Luca De Meo adds that builders want to have a say in defining the rules of the game. For this, the director asks the EU A seat at the discussion table.

We in the automotive world are part of the solution and therefore want to have a say in determining the rules of the game. But also in how the strategy has been implemented over the years. We only ask for a seat at the discussion table: we are the ones who work in this sector, we invest the money. This is the message: we need a strong industrial strategy.

Finally, De Meo points out that today the media is mainly talking about electricity, but we must understand this The real novelty for new generation cars will be in the program That will change the customer experience.

The media talks a lot about the electric car: but we must understand that the real novelty of the future generation is the weight that will be carried by the software, semiconductors and product intelligence, because this is what will change the customer experience. Cars will become evolutionary, intelligent, and learning beings that will be connected to the rest of the world. It’s like when we have the transition from the traditional phone to the smartphone, the world has opened up. In short, the main thing is all the technology that we will use, the electronics and the software, which is estimated to be about 40% of the value of the car in 2030.

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