March 30, 2023

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Art Rider – RAI Press Office

The value of commission in art: the will of great personalities to commission artists to celebrate their work with great works of art. A story in which a young archaeologist Andrea Angelucci searches for antiquities between the Northern Marches and Umbria in Art Rider, broadcast Wednesday 23 November at 21.15 in the premiere on RAI 5. A journey to discover the artistic heritage linked to the war fought by lords and sovereignty between fortresses and soldiers of fortune and antiques. Andrea Angelucci departs from Umbria, in Gubbio – between the Studiolo Federico da Montefeltro in the Palazzo Ducale, the Palazzo dei Consoli with its Eugubine tables and the Roman theater – to move afterwards to the Abbey of Montelabbate. Then it continues to the Parades, to the Calle with the theater and the Chapel of San Domenico for the Cappella di Tiran with paintings by Giovanni Santi, to the Rocca Roveresca di Mondavio and to the Pergola bronzes. To accompany his journey, Amerigo Varotti, President of the Confcommercio Marche, Luca Baldelli, Eugubine Tables expert; and Benild Marini, Cali Culture Consultant.
An inseparable travel companion is Angelucci’s notebook, a diary of extraordinary beauty in which Andrea draws and sketches antiquities and some details of works of art that he discovered during his journey.

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