Prediction Winner Grande Frateello Vip 6: Who is / Signorini: “Tra Jessica e Lulu …”

Prediction Winner Grande Frateello Vip 6: Who is / Signorini: “Tra Jessica e Lulu …”

Like all Big Big Brother viewers, Alfonso Signorini revealed during the Grand Final one of his predictions between the two contenders who would compete in the final duel, assuming the latter could be all-female, especially between Jessica Selassie and Lolli Selassie, assuming how that happens later. The relationship between the two sisters cracked in the last period in which the princesses could have fought to the death. The conductor of the orchestra, seeing the relationship of the two sisters in the past, commented with the interested: “If the last duel will be between you, I dare not imagine!” (Agg. Adriana Lavecchia)

Jessica Selassie win the final?

Final wait for big brother vip On arrival there is great curiosity about the winner. According to the odds, the battle between Paro Gaitani, Lulu Selassie, Delia Duran and Davide Silvestriwith one between Jessica Selassie and Geocas CasellaIt can be very tight. As for the last two, who challenge each other at close range to conquer the last available spot in the final match. Gf VIPPolls conducted by the official website of Reality showed that the candidate is Jessica, because she received 55% of the vote, followed by Jukas with 45%.

Although she still has to earn her place in the final, Jessica Selassie is the favorite to win according to bookmakers. Translating stocks into percentages, Jessica has a 25% chance, ahead of Lulu and David Silvestri who would receive 20%, while Delia Duran and Baro each have 15%, so Giucas Casella trails by 5%. (adjective by Silvana Palazzo)

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Predict the 2021 Big Brother Vip Winner: Davide Silvestri is ready to make everyone laugh

A few more hours and the sixth edition of big brother vip She will have her own winner. According to the bookmakers, the two sisters have the best chance of getting the prize pool of €100,000, half of which will benefit. Lulu and Jessica Selassie This, entered as unknown, has conquered the audience of the reality show. However, Jessica and Lulu could both be jokes around the corner and calling themselves David Silvestri. The actor pursues Jessica, but above all else, Lulu, and if he fails to wrest the victory from Selassie’s oldest sister, who has been considered to be at the center of the triumph, he can still mock Lulu.

But beware of Barrow who not only won 4th place in the final against Sophie Codegoni, but also got more than 60% of the vote. Will the Big Brother Vip 2021 have a declared winner or will there be an evolution? (Updated by Stella Dependetto).

Jessica, Lulu, Barrow, David, Geocas Casella and Delia Duran Who will be the winner of Big Brother Vip 6? Predictions reveal that…

Can end with a head-to-head between two sisters Selassie, Jessica and LuluThe sixth edition of Big Brother Vip that will witness the final will take place early in the evening of this Monday, March 14, 2022. A few hours after the last episode of the reality show aired, the bets were on it. After following the contenders on the reality show Canale 5 for six long months and predicting the different releases one by one, what are the expectations for the winner?

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The latest news from the world of betting speaks for itself. Jessica Selassie, the eldest of the Ethiopian princesses, remained the favorite until the end of GF Vip’s victory on the board of directors at 2.40 times the stake. But her sister takes care of chasing her from a very short distance lulu, decided the second winner on the reality show for a few weeks and chased him at 2.70. However, she won’t be the only one chasing after her, you guessed it David Silvestri To keep company with Manuel’s girlfriend, also share the same. The stakes are up 7 times for a Venezuelan actress to win Delia Duran The foodblogger barrowWhile there doesn’t seem to be much hope for it Geocas Casilla to another 22 times.

Big Brother Vip 6 Winner Predictions: Bettors’ Odds

twists to big brother vip It could be around the corner, but it looks like expectations have pinned down what could be the podium for the final Jessica Selassie at the top step. If so, then the Ethiopian princess could be the third winner of the “Vip” version of the reality show after the first version won by Alicia Makari and the fourth version won by Paula de Benedetto. But the bookies may be wrong, as was previously the case for Sully Sorge, given expectations not only as the finalist but also as the favorite for the eventual victory.

Regardless of the fluctuations, an unexpected opportunity can be true David Silvestri, which according to the bookmakers behind Sisters Selassie. For him, the victory of GF Vip in all respects could mark a new turning point in his career. Delia And the barrowMost favored to win, they are also those who managed to get access to the now-running reality show Cinecittà, but despite this unexpectedly secured a place in the final. Finally, Snai, Sisal and Eurobet, three leading companies in the betting sector, believe that Geocas Casilla Each of the competitor with the least chance of climbing to the highest score on the podium, quoted at 25 (first and second) and 21.

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