“Don’t look up”, la recensione del film Netflix in streaming e al cinema :: Blog su Today. “Don’t Look For”, Netflix Movie Show in Cinema Live :: Sue’s Blog Today

“Don’t look up”, la recensione del film Netflix in streaming e al cinema :: Blog su Today.  “Don’t Look For”, Netflix Movie Show in Cinema Live :: Sue’s Blog Today

On December 24, it was finally shown on Netflix, after being released in theaters earlier this month. do not search, a “disaster movie” genre movie with heroes Leonardo DiCaprio e Jennifer Lawrence Along with an impressive lineup of big Hollywood stars, from Meryl Streep a Cate BlanchettGive Timothée Chalamet a Jonah Hill And many other things.

In the weeks and months leading up to its release, do not search Much talked about: for her story–two scientists trying to warn the world of the impending impact of a comet capable of annihilating Earth–because of his amazing crew and a string of tales from the group (like the one on Meryl mistreated Streep at first because her colleagues called them “goats,” which means goats but symbolizes “the greatest of all time”; or like the one about Lawrence who wanted to smoke a joint to identify with his character).

For these reasons the hype – or wait – to do not search It was at the highest levels. Now, after watching it, we present to you our review of the film, which will also try to answer the question “But in the end was it really the masterpiece that everyone expected to see?”.

Do not look for a movie la trama del

It can be said in a sense inside do not search There are several small films. The first begins with astronomy doctoral student Kate Dipasky (Lawrence) who accidentally discovers a comet, and shows it to her professor Randall Mindy (DiCaprio) who realizes that the asteroid is destined to collide with Earth within six months, with deadly consequences for everyone. Organisms.

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The two get the attention of Dr. Oglethorpe (Rob Morgan), the head of the Planetary Defense Agency, and NASA, but when they’re greeted at the White House, President Janie Orlean (Streep) and her spokesman son Jason (Hill) push them off as they worry about the midterm elections even more. They are worried about an impending catastrophe.

And here begins the second film, in which scientists take part in a media tour to persuade the audience: to tell the truth, the profession of a professor. Mindy has a decent personal touch, while Dibasquez never gets past the memes teasing her for her tantrum during the afternoon show.

The third movie will begin when, engulfed in scandal, President Aurelian will invite the two to set up a mission to finally save Earth (and the face), but we stop here in the synopsis and invite you to watch Official Announcement From the movie I posted on YouTube, Netflix Italy.

Don’t look for the possible meanings of the movie

There are many theories and allegorical allegorical interpretations of this film in which scholars warn humanity of an impending and dangerous catastrophe but are ignored or underestimated by politics and people in general.

Journalist Fabrizio Rondolino, for example, spoke about do not search As “the most accurate science documentary on the pandemic”, to underscore how, in the past two years, the voice of science has been heavily overshadowed by the voice of politics and public sentiment.

The most common theory to explain this film, taken up among others Entertainment Weekly, which came on the basis of the astronomical catastrophe narrated by Adam McKay (director of this film as well as the TV series) Succession) is a metaphor for the global debate about climate change and its consequences for our planet.

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Yes, in short, the asteroid will represent the dramatic climate changes that are taking place, and indifference to reactions to scientists’ warnings will be something that everyone has proven, in one way or another, in recent years.

Whatever it is, it can’t be denied do not search It reflects a situation fairly common in today’s society, swayed by dramatic warnings and threats that he no longer cares, and sows an illusory hope that somehow everything will work out, or in any case disaster will affect those who come after us. In that sense, the movie really hit the mark.

Unless he fully convinces us of the movie

pigeon do not search It didn’t quite convince us, however, and it lies in its ability to tell a story while maintaining a balance of superior casting. Practically speaking, if we could handle the cash, it would look as if McKay couldn’t keep all the cards in his hand, missing some pieces or taking a little advantage of some aces.

Without looking at it, for example, still in the promotion stage of the film, among the names there was also Matthew Perry, Chandler friends Watched cut after, the impression is that the director and writer went too far in bringing together too many stars without having enough meaningful lines for everyone. And so, for Jonah Hill who manages to carve out his space, there’s Chalamet and Blanchett seemingly “sacrificed”, while Ariana Grande And her boyfriend (in the movie) Kid Cody seems to be caught up in the plot just to appeal to a younger audience.

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Similarly, Mark Rylance, as Zuckerberg’s BASH CEO, plays his role perfectly, but Rob Morgan seems to have sacrificed a bit in the role of Professor Oglethorpe.

Briefly, do not search It kind of leaves the impression that a more consistent movie could have been made, if we focused more on the story and less on the actors. However, it is undeniable that the end result is still excellent workmanship, even if it is probably not the best.

Rating: 8

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