Accusations of assaulting Yolanda

Gigi Hadid NS Zayn Malik They are no longer together. Of course, lovers take and leave each other, it happens to celebrities and not. However, in this case, there is more and in the future there may also be repercussions in court: the reason for the separation will be Yolanda HadidMama Diggy.

accusing him

On the afternoon of Thursday, October 28, severe accusations were issued against him to the press Zayn Malik. According to rumors, the singer allegedly physically assaulted Yolanda Hadid. The model’s mother, at the moment, has not made any statements, but she is said to be considering legal action against her ex-daughter now. Gigi Hadid.

Malik’s denial

beautiful Instead, he used Twitter to tell his version and deny what was leaked. “I had a fight with a family member of my partner who walked into our house weeks ago while my partner was away. This was and remains a private matter, and despite my efforts to create a peaceful environment that allows me to share my daughter the way she deserves, all of this leaked to the press,” she wrote. Zayn Malik In his profile, without mentioning Yolanda. The term “parent” seems to be the final confirmation of the separation Gigi Hadid.

After that evening Zayn Malik He felt compelled to indicate more details in a note to the website TMZ. “I categorically deny that I hit Yolanda Hadid For the sake of my daughter, I will not reveal more details. I hope Yolanda will decide to drop her false accusations and tackle our family’s problems in private,” said the artist.

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okay dell’happy family in Gigi Hadid?

family problems news Gigi Hadid NS Zayn Malik It came like a thunderbolt out of the blue. Together since 2015 the top face (among other things) of Versace And the British singer always protects their relationship from the curious and no one expected this conclusion, between gossip and news.

In September 2020 Gigi Hadid NS Zayn Malik They became parents hey. In order to grow the child away from the paparazzi and calmly, the couple made the decision to move permanently to the property they had purchased in Pennsylvania, near the house they were staying in. Yolanda Hadid. Horses and goats, pristine nature, walking in the woods: from very few social clues (and from an interview with Vogue magazineAnd Re-read the details hereThis really sounded like a happy family. So far.

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