Possible Serie A lineups: the latest news from the camps

Latest news on potential squads straight from Sky Sports reporters: Allegri confirms the superlative trio in attack. Pioli should replace Theo Hernandez and as for the case, he is thinking of Messias. Mourinho without stopping Zaniolo. Atalanta with Pooja and Muriel


Once the Coppa Italia quarter-finals are exhausted, head and legs return to the tournament. There is a short standings and this round can shuffle even more. actually Today as a red circle opinions I crossed the challenges between the first and second and between the fourth and fifth. On paper, Milan might benefit from that but Sampdoria Sensi and Giampaolo came back from a landslide win at home.

Between the unqualified (and thus potential alternatives) and the injured, there is a lot of observation. Fantasy fans and coaches are asking for help from the Sky Sports team of reporters. Our boys are certainly not holding back: the first new squads are already on their way, so we are ready as usual for our usual round of Serie A retreats.

AC Milan – Sampdoria, Sunday 12:30

Milan and Ibrahim back from the beginning


Milan-Putman: the latest after meeting with agents

Derby and Lazio have revived the devil a little: the superb Giroud (4 goals in a few days) will lead the Rossoneri attack again. In defence, Theo Hernandez must be substituted after the red treatment in Saturday’s derby final: Florentine on the podium. In the midfield, Bennacer preferred Casey to cooperate with Tonali, while on the front line he was wearing the shirt of Brahim Diaz. Messias ahead of Saelemaekers and Leao on the other side. Giroud’s attack ends with a 4-2-3-1 result for Pioli.

Sampdoria, many affirmations for Giampaolo

Back to San Siro (against AC Milan) for Giampaolo who just got back from round 4-0 against Sassuolo. Sampdoria who lost Gabbidini for the rest of the season but can count on Sensi of a “luxury” size. In the trident behind Caputo, another former could find a place from the start: Andrea Conte. Igdal and Quagliarella met again as a group. Sebastian Giovinco is also available but as a primary weapon in progress

EMPOLI-CAGLIARI, Sunday at 3 pm

Empoli, Aslani towards confirmation

There seems to be some doubts about Empoli but only in terms of defence. In fact, the front line continues with Pinamonte as the only striker supported by Bagrami and Henderson. Aslani can hold the position as a carrier on average. The two central defenses still remain a small question mark: Ismail seems more certain (but not 100% sure) of his place in the team: Fetti and Tonelli are vying for the other jersey.

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Cagliari, Pavoletti is still in doubt

Little revenue for Mazzarri: Joao Pedro served the elimination round while Zappa and Altare negatively. Pavoletti remains in doubt, but with Gaston Pereiro’s “flashes” in sight, it’s safe to bet there were no doubts about his use from the first minute. On average there is an unqualified Deiola. There are two options: inside Basile with outside Dalbert or central line with Grassi, Marin and Dalbert himself. At that point, Lykogiannis will be the left wing indicator. Nandez was not called up.

Genoa Salernitana, Sunday at 3 pm

Genoa, Bani and Ostegaard not available

There are still changes in the rossobl’s defense. Blissin is first between both Bani and Ostegaard, but at least he can count on the return of Cambiasso, who was ruled out last week, and Criscito. Both should start from the first minute. Ikoban and Portanova should win their votes but appear to have the advantage while Destro is being threatened by Piccoli in attack but the former Atalanta doesn’t seem to be in pole position for a place in the starting lineup.

Salernitana, Numerous Affirmations for Colantuono

On ‘Monday Nights’ last week, Kolantono changed all the starting lineup compared to the previous championship match. However, there are plenty of assurances this time around: the Drusin Fazio couple can be owners again. Radovanovic also did well in the middle. On the other hand, a change in attack is possible: Musset left after a stint last week. So it seems that Djuric is destined to take his place in the eleventh bomb-bearer


Verona, Three Returns to Mr. Tudor

After the match against Juventus, Nikola Kalinic greeted everyone returning to Haydock. However, Giallobl’s attack found Simeone, who was left out against Juventus. Caprari and Varone also met on the training ground with a second goal to get a shirt from the first minute. On the trocars instead, Caprari can be used during the race: with Barak there will be one between Ilic and Lasagna

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Udinese, Deulofeu returns to the front

Of success and in Deulofeu in Juventus attack even if Pussetto hopes to have his say until the end. Molina, after the goal that opened the match against Turin, returns to the right lane, on the other side is Udogie. There is still a choice: a double ballot that at the moment appears to equalize Pablo Maro and Ziegler, with Perez and Newtenk starting from the bench.

SASSUOLO-ROME, Sunday at 6 pm

Sassuolo, not indifferent problems in attack

In the Coppa Italia, he did not switch well, but then, with a quiet fluctuation, Traore apologized to the coach and his teammates. Looking at the match against Roma, Aya’s condition should be checked, because she had a small muscle problem. Dionysi must attack as Scamaka and Rasbadori are disqualified. Defrel travels to the starting shirt. The back can keep the Ruan Pillar which can be used properly and centrally instead of Chiriches

Rome, without Zaniolo, is it up to Elcha?


Vent Mou: “If you’re scared, play C”

Two confirmed absences for Jose Mourinho at Reggio Emilia: Zaniolo is ineligible and Ibanez lost and will have some for a while. Instead, the warning returned with regard to Abraham. In the four-way line of defense, Maitland-Niles can act on the left. Cristianti will be Sergio Oliveira’s teammate while in the trio of attacking midfielders, on the left is the strong candidate for El Shaarawy.

Atalanta – Juventus, Sunday at 8.45 pm

Atalanta, Gasperini changes in almost all departments

Musso was disqualified, and Palomino is deeply suspicious. This is the news coming from Zingonia. In attack, Boga has been very active in the Coppa Italia and Gasperini is considering a relaunch with Morel returning after taking charge from the bench against Fiorentina. In the net there is an ineligible Musso: after Rossi’s selection against Cagliari there is news of the possibility of ownership of Sportello. In the back here Demiral returns while in midfield Freuler returns to the De Roon team.

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Juventus, Chiellini exited. The poll in the middle

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Kulusevsky: “Juventus, I don’t know what went wrong”

It’s hard to think of a change of attack for Allegri. The Morata-Vlahovic-Dybala trio can be devastating and have already shown great things. In midfield, Locatelli came back from elimination and the former Sassuolo took center stage in the starting shirt even if Arthur stayed on the ballot. Defense class: Chiellini not available. De Ligt sure of the place. Next to the Dutchman, it should be Bonucci who has just come back from a hiatus and should definitely be managed. However, for now, he is still the mandatory candidate but also keeping an eye on Rojani


Spetsya, Kovalenko recovered

Only three “appearances” are in Thiago Motta’s unavailable list, otherwise they are all capable and recruited. 2-2 against Salernitana should lead to some stress especially in attack. Kovalenko’s recovery allows the coach to have another alternative on average. The potential surprise is not to be underestimated by Nguyamba, who took office last Monday. He hopes downwards to regain his positions in the hierarchy but as mentioned, Manaj and Verdi remain in first place

Fiorentina half of the midfield ineligible


Trophy launcher, nothing like Piatek since 2018

A rather heavy absence for the Italian returning to visit his former team: Bonaventura and Torreira will not be on average due to disqualification. In addition, there is the usual puzzle to solve the attack. Piatek started in the Coppa Italia, so it is possible that it will be up to Cabral again in the tournament. Icone is hoping to be part of the offensive Trident but Sutil and Calligon are also vying for a shirt. In the center we can see Amrabat spread out as Torreira’s deputy

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