The meteor had destroyed the population

According to a recent scientific discovery, a meteorite may be responsible for the destruction of a civilization that lived 2,500 years ago.

Meteor, asteroid (Image via Pixabay)

To confirm this thesis was Detection of the presence of iridium and platinum In some artifacts and in the surrounding lands where these inhabitants settled. This kind of “natural disaster” has happened on several occasions, just think of the meteorite that collided with our planet causing the extinction of the dinosaurs, beginning an ice age.

But it is very likely that there have been many over the centuries. The theory under consideration holds that one is the protagonist The people lived 2500 years agoin the period dating back to The second war between the Roman Empire and Philip of Macedon around 200 BC. Among the vast plains of North America, there was a sufficient number of inhabitants to trade, hunt, and gather.

Their presence is in fact attested by the discovery of several archaeological iterations, such as remains, tools, artifacts, and funeral equipment. Scientists gave this population the name HopewellIt seems that he suddenly disappeared. The most reliable reasons for this disappearance can be traced back to wars, climate change, or Meteor fall.

Science has discovered the destruction of the population that lived 2,500 years ago, and the reason can be traced back to a meteorite

The consideration of the possible cause began from the moment when scientists did not find artifacts dating from beyond a certain historical period. Find the Earth High concentrations of iridium and platinumwhich is a A classic sign of a meteorite fall.

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Discovery from science: a meteorite that would destroy an entire population
Asteroid, meteorite (Image via Pixabay)

Moreover, the stories of neighboring residents, such as i Mayathe Shawnee that they Ottawawhich attests to the passage of many comets and asteroids in North America over the years.

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The two minerals, platinum and iridium, along with the discovery of a thick layer of coal, indicate a clear indication of a meteorite fall, followed by a period of very high temperatures. Scientists are working hard to try to confirm this theory, trying to rule out other, less likely causes.

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