NBA, playing in, Lakers and Sacramento are in the playoffs, New Orleans Warriors are out

Golden State loses disastrously in Sacramento and ends a dismal season. The yellow and purple will now challenge the defending champion Nuggets. Night replies

Lakers in the playoffs, Warriors at home. This is the answer to the first two games, Western Conference games. Los Angeles defeats New Orleans and will take on the defending champion Nuggets: Game 1 of the Denver-Lakers series will be played from 2:30 a.m. in Italy between Saturday and Sunday. Golden State loses disastrously in Sacramento and ends a bad season in the worst way: If it was the end of the Splash Brothers' dynasty, and Thompson, whose contract was about to expire, finished with 0 points and 0/10 shooting, it would have been sad. The Pelicans and Kings will play in Louisiana, starting at 3:30 p.m. in Italy between Friday and Saturday, the eighth seed in the West, and whoever wins will challenge Oklahoma City in the first round of the playoffs.

New Orleans Pelicans – Los Angeles Lakers 106-110

The Lakers do it again. Because they know how to do it. They have shown all season that they know how to win crucial games, especially when they face New Orleans. They don't have continuity, but they have the ability to bring out the best when it's needed most. Especially when the Pelicans are in front of you. They beat them for the fourth time this season, and for the second time at home after 48 hours – they had already beaten them in the semi-finals of the In Season Tournament, which they then won – and thus reached the playoffs. They will play as the seventh seed in the West against No. 2 Denver. It will be a rematch of the 2023 Western Conference Final, and it will be Jokic vs. Davis and Murray vs. LeBron.

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the match

The Pelicans started out strong 34-26 after the first quarter, but a 34-16 second period run by the Yellow-Purple turned things around. Los Angeles appears to be in control at +18 in the third set, but then is forced to sprint due to the “return” of the Louisiana team, inspired by Williamson and the possessed Alvarado. But Zion, who is hot, with a season-high 40 points, and who attacks the basket like a caterpillar, suffers an injury with 3 minutes to play, at 95 points: a problem with the bend in his left leg. And he doesn't come back anymore. Russell scores the shot of the game with a three-pointer from a corner kick, and the Lakers push from the goal line with pressure on them, which is the most important thing. Davis, a former crowd-pleaser at the Smoothie King Center, isn't fazed. New Orleans complains, and Coach Green complains at the end of the game: 12 fouls by the Lakers versus 15 free throws by the opponents, and 23 fouls by the Pelicans versus 29 free throws by the Lakers, scoring 26. The difference was the point-to-point challenge game, As Ingram was benched for the run and LeBron struggled from the court, he finished one rebound and one assist short of a triple-double. The Bills will try to grab a lifeline on Friday against Sacramento, possibly without Zion. At home, but they lost 6 times in a row in front of their fans.

Angels: James 23 (5/15, 1/5, 10/10), Russell 21, Davis 20. Rembalzi: Davis 15. Assists: James 9.

Sacramento Kings – Golden State Warriors 118-94

Kings take revenge. What revenge! They overcame, or rather, bullied and eliminated, their most enviable rival Golden State. The one in San Francisco, just a two-hour drive away, the one that mocked them at the Golden 1 Center 12 months ago in Game 7 of the first round of the 2023 playoffs, and then Curry scored 50 points, and this time he was limited to 22. If ever there was one One thing, he is Murray, who shines with 32 points and 8 three-pointers on goal. Kings are younger, more active, hungrier and better trained. They won in a landslide even without Monk and Huerter injured. The Dubs are showing troubling wrinkles: Thompson, Green, Ball and even the 29-year-old Wiggins looked like ancient glories. Carey found support only from the youth, from Kuminga, Modi and Podzminski. Reconstruction will be difficult, with the risk of debts of gratitude turning into burdens. Green and Kerr recently renovated…

the match

31-22 Kings after 12 minutes with 14 points already from Murray. Davis Jackson, Kerr's wrong choice in the five-a-side, was inconceivable in his first playoff game: he went down immediately, withdrawing from mercy. Up 41-25 on Mitchell's triple with the Kings dominating the offensive rebounding and the Dubs giving up too many punts. However, Modi and Kuminga brought the visitors back from the bench. Only 54-50 Kings at halftime. Only 5 points for the curry. Its triple value was -1, but it was an illusion for the guests. Thompson doesn't score a shot, despite being 'baptized' by the defence, and drowns his players on either side of the pitch: Kerr doesn't have the courage to sit him. Ellis, of Carniad, went crazy, and the Warriors conceded 18/39 from the perimeter to their opponents: they haven't defended their opponents' 3-point shots all season. 91-76 Sacramento after 36 minutes: It's already over. A decrease of 26 points enters the reserve. The Kings are packing their bags for New Orleans, while the Warriors are packing their bags for Cancun for a beach vacation in Mexico.

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Sacramento: Murray 32 (2/7, 8/13, 4/4), Fox 24, Barnes 17. Recoveries: Sabonis 12. Assists: Sabonis 7.

Golden State: Curry 22 (9/5, 7/3, 3/3), Kuminga/Moody 16. Rebounds: Podzemski 8. Assists: Green 6.

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