Towards Lecce Milan, Pioli conference live

Towards Lecce Milan, Pioli conference live

“There are no reinforcements in the market, and we have to bring back the wounded.” Stefano Pioli On the eve of the Lecce match at a press conference. No drama after the draw with Roma and the knockout against Torino: “Satisfied players? Absolutely not. We just have to raise our game, get more attention, quality and determination.” The Milan coach found important players again: “Kjaer and Origi are ready, Rebic almost”.

In the team moment
“In the last two shows we haven’t been able to get positive results. We have to do more, and I saw the desire to improve. With Roma everything was under control, against Torino we played a fair game. It’s not a matter of seconds or otherwise, we have to have more attention and quality.” and design.”

on the wounded
“The group is strong when it is completed, and we hope everyone recovers as quickly as possible. We miss players like Kjaer, Florenzi and Ibra. Not only from a technical point of view, but also for leadership. Origi and Kjaer are back for tomorrow. Rebic will leave with us because he has Recovering for the Super Cup.

On Milanello night after the knockout against Torino
“I did it to talk to the boys right away and to get them to rest better after overtime.”

from Turin
“We took 36 shots, only 8 on goal. We lacked clarity. We wanted the result too much and were frantic. We need to develop better.”

About Frankx
“He’s a boy with excellent qualities, and he’s a good fit. He’s going to have space, and I have to make the best choices to make the strongest team possible.”

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about the reasons
“I haven’t seen anyone so full, we have to raise our level of performance to win another title.”

About my justice
“He’s training well, he’s very useful. He has no problem adapting, I make the best choices based on each match.”

In the market
“I have a full squad in every department, we are waiting for the injured players to come back. No need to interfere in the market. Bakayoko away? I don’t know, no news. He always trains at his best. As a true professional.”

about the tournament
“Tomorrow is not decisive, there is still a long way to go. Let’s remember last year, we can score more points.”

On De Ketelaere
“He played a good game as a striker, and then he found it more difficult to receive balls also because he was tired.”

about criticism
“I think it’s normal that there is a critical eye towards us because we won the Scudetto and we played good football. We are the first to always want to do better. The criticism after the last two games because we didn’t win. The season is long and it won’t end tonight even after Napoli and Juventus. Super Cup goal Immediate and important to us.”

On the authority of Bin Nasser
“Very happy for Ismail, a contract worth designing. He’s very ambitious and the players have to be. At the same time he’s humble and knows he needs to improve. Happy for the club. Leao and Giroud? I’m sure more good news will come soon.”

“He played a very good game, I told him his problem was in his head.”

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On Spalletti and Allegri
“The favorites at the moment are Napoli, seven points ahead is a lot, but it’s not decisive. I’m going to enjoy the game.”

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