He will undergo heart surgery

He will undergo heart surgery
to Salvatore Reggio

The former striker, now 79, fell ill on Saturday and was taken to hospital in Cagliari. It won't be life-threatening, but he will soon undergo minor heart surgery

Fear for Gigi RivaHe has been hospitalized since Sunday, January 21, at Cagliari Hospital. As mentioned New SardiniaRombo di Tono felt ill two days ago at his home in the San Benedetto neighborhood. a Sudden illness Which frightened the family. The intervention of doctors was immediate and Riva, who will turn 80 on November 7, was transferred to the cardiology department at the San Michele Hospital in Cagliari.

Now the condition has improved, and the condition of Riva (who was in the past a heavy smoker) has improved and the situation seems calmer, as described in the medical bulletin issued by the Arnas Prozo administration: He is currently being monitored by healthcare staff and being cared for by family members. In the next few days, we will continue clinical investigations of the case. A daily medical bulletin will be guaranteed.

According to the initial reconstructions, Former Cagliari player – Code He won the Scudetto in Rossople in 1970the year he finished second at the World Cup in Mexico 70 – and the national team (still holds the record with 35 goals in blue) You undergo a series of initial examinations It was decided that he would undergo minor heart surgery soon. In a documentary dedicated to him, he talks about the toughest opponent he faces: depression (a head problem that I've learned to live with. Not completely, because when it comes back alive it's still a bad opponent to face), and we knew it early on (when I was about 30: when I left the camp forever, from the dream that came true and drove the ghosts of the night away, within certain limits, I had to start dealing, to the point of always being put off by that word: depression, which I find difficult even to pronounce, because it means harming myself.

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