Portugal, error in intercepting the title of Antonio Costa (who has now resigned) – Corriere.it

Portugal, error in intercepting the title of Antonio Costa (who has now resigned) – Corriere.it

The Prime Minister has now resigned, and Portugal will return to voting on March 10, 2024, however Antonio Costa was not mentioned in the wiretaps “Operation Influencer” overwhelmed the Socialists in government. Era An almost homogeneous person, Antonio Costa SilvaMinister of Economy.

Censorship is in the cards

The defense informed the judges of the error Diogo Lacerda MachadoHe is one of the prime minister’s loyalists among the five who were arrested on Tuesday. The public prosecutor admitted the errorTo transcribe a phone callregistered on August 31, 2022, between Lacerda Machado and a business manager in a project ( Data centers In Sens) who is being investigated for corruption. The text of the decree stops at “Costa”But the full title is mentioned in the audio.

The entire sentence, among other things, is reflected in the section that must be investigated: “If it is a matter of economics, I will find a way to reach Antonio Costa.” Minister Lacerda Machado explained during questioning in Lisbon. To reach the Prime Minister – his personal friend from whom he had received heavy files in the past – it was enough to call him by phone. Hence the formula.

Costa declared his innocence on television They are not aware of the investigation. He resigned in the face of suspicions that he considered incompatible with his mandate, when the Supreme Court confirmed the existence of a case against him on charges of trafficking in influence. Before he was called (twice) by the President of the Republic on Tuesday Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa received the Attorney General of BelemLucilia Jago.

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This, corrected, will be the only explicit appearance of the Prime Minister’s name in newspapers to date, even if other objections still need to be revealed. Among the 42 inspections were the headquarters of two ministries and the Prime Minister’s residence. Here, at Palacio São Bento, customers discover More than 75 thousand euros in cash in the office of the Chief of Staff By Costa, Vitor Escaria. Banknotes are hidden between books and even inside wine boxes. Yesterday, the pretrial detention of Escaría and Lacerda Machado was validated.

Institutional crisis

Then there is the other aspect of lithium mine licenses in the north of the country. Even if Costa ends up being sacked (currently only under investigation), the damage to his image will remain. The credibility of the government and the system of power is at risk. The nine defendants also include Infrastructure Minister João Galamba.

Another scandal that will not be absorbed by any cabinet reshuffle, and that too D’Souza has now dissolved Parliament. On Saturday evening, in a speech to the nation, Costa unloaded his cargo Inner circle. Talk about shame and betrayal of trust. He apologized to the Portuguese. Regarding his relations with Lacerda Machado, whom he once described as “my best friend”, he said that “the Prime Minister cannot have any friend”, because the longer he ruled, the less he had left of him. and he In power since 2015.

It will remain on a temporary basis until March, also to close down the finance company. A relay with Mario Centeno, former Eurogroup president, has been ruled out. Costa was considered Among the candidates to succeed Charles Michel At the head of the European Council, in the next round of appointments. “I will probably never hold public office again,” he said on Saturday. Before the last turn.

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