No one responded to the email you sent? With this trick you will discover who is deceiving you

No one responded to the email you sent?  With this trick you will discover who is deceiving you

Did you know there’s a trick to knowing when someone is reading your email? This way no one will be able to ghost you again

Emails are one of the most important tools ever. Whether for business, education, or even just for fun, a myriad of different jobs can be accomplished using an email inbox. Such as creating accounts, receiving newsletters, sending files, communicating with professors, and much more.

Are they shadows of you? So you can find out right away –

However, how many times have you sent an important email and received no response? Just as with messaging platforms, Even with email, there is a risk of “ghosting.” That is, not receiving a response. But what can be done in these cases? Is there a way to get the read receipt? Yes, activation is very easy. Follow this guide and you’ll always know when someone doesn’t respond to you on purpose.

No More Email Ghosting: The Trick You Should Know Immediately

There are some tricks that will give you the opportunity to find out if someone is at any time View the email you sent Without answering you, I shadow you. Once you activate the two systems that we will tell you about, you will see that you will no longer be able to do without them. Just as is already the case with messaging platforms, there will be two checkboxes to receive and read confirmation to help you.

With this trick, you will never get ghosted by email again –

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a Gmail account Within reach and reach. Now send a test email, and right below the text box you’ll find the three dots for settings. Click on it and then activate the function “Request read confirmation.” This way, you’ll receive an alert when the recipient opens the mail you sent. Unfortunately, this functionality is currently only available for institutional or school accounts.

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If you have a standard profile, there is still an equally valid alternative. Actually, that’s enough for you Go to Google and type “mail path”. At this point, open the first Google result e You will find yourself in front of a comfortable stretch For Chrome you can download it for free in a few seconds. Open it now, choose the free subscription plan, and configure the system using your email box. Go back to Gmail and try sending a new email. You will see that There will be two classical examinations And when someone opens your email, you’ll have two full flags and a warning notice (completed over time).

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