Six-point plan: This is the future of Gaza according to the United States

Six-point plan: This is the future of Gaza according to the United States

While Tsahal’s forces continue to advance into the heart of Gaza City, something also appears to be moving on the diplomatic front. Actually, plan after a day In the sector, as a result of the intense efforts of the United States and its closest allies. a road map This is despite the strong reservations expressed by the Prime Minister in recent hours Benjamin NetanyahuIt could represent a starting point for any attempt to stabilize the conflict that threatens to spread from the Palestinian enclave to the entire Middle East.

Confirmation of the exclusion of terrorists from before agitation Preventing any negotiations, vetoing the Israeli occupation project of lands administered by the Islamic Movement, and returning the two-state solution as the guiding star that must be followed to get out of the crisis. This is essentially the post-Gaza strategy that was the focus of discussions at the G7 foreign ministers’ summit held in Tokyo this week in which he, as well as President Farnesina, participated. Antonio TajaniUS Secretary of State Anthony BlinkenExtremely fresh Shuttle diplomacy In Israel, Jordan, the West Bank, Iraq and Turkey.

The basic pillars of the plan

  1. Condemnation without exception of the massacre committed by Hamas on October 7, which claimed, according to the latest updated toll, about 1,200 victims, most of them civilians. It follows that it is impossible to assign any role to the group that is already listed as a terrorist organization by the European Union, the United States and other Western coalition countries.
  2. With an oathIsrael’s self-defense In accordance with the provisions of the Charter United nations.
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Based on these two premises, Washington realizes that the diplomatic plan cannot have a good chance of success unless every effort is made to prevent the expansion of the conflict on the northern border against Iran. Hizb allah, the Shiite movement loyal to Iran, and if Tehran is prevented from going directly to the field to settle its scores with the Israelis and Americans, its historical enemies. It seems that military moderation on the part of the troops is equally essential Israel Defense Forces (Israel Defense Forces) in the ground operation, and as Blinken emphasized in Tokyo, maintaining the American commitment in the Middle East also with the aim of forming an integrated front with moderate Arab countries.

The six points of the American diplomatic plan

Only after the first phase contained in the building has been exhausted will it be possible to move to the next phase, which is the heart of the only current plan for the post-Gaza phase:

  1. Immediate truce To allow food and medicine to enter the Strip.
  2. The withdrawal of the Israeli army from the enclave immediately after the end of the war against Hamas and Tel Aviv’s abandonment of the civil administration project in the lands that it returned to the Palestinians in 2005. This is the scenario that Netanyahu ruled out, according to those who said“Israel will not, under any circumstances, relinquish its control over the Gaza Strip.”.
  3. The transitional period is managed by a supranational body. Many look to the United Nations but this is one of the most uncertain points because if it gets involvedUnited nationsIt would require Security Council approval and the green light, which is not at all clear, from China and Russia.
  4. Get back on trackPalestinian National Authority (Palestinian National Authority), which administers the West Bank. It is a possibility that the Americans welcomed, but in this case also the prime minister of the Jewish state expressed his complete opposition: “We will not allow those who have not condemned the massacre over a month ago to take control of Gaza the day after the conflict ends. There will not be any civilian authority in the Gaza Strip that educates about terrorism and pays salaries to terrorists.”.
  5. Reunification of the administration of Gaza and the West Bank under the control of the Palestinian Authority.
  6. Reviving the “two peoples and two states” formula envisioned by the conference Oslo Accords Which, 30 years later, still represents the only real path to resolving an issue that has dragged on endlessly since the birth of the Jewish state in 1948.
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Netanyahu’s strong opposition to some provisions of the US-sponsored diplomatic plan represents an indication of increasing pressure from allies on the war government, which also increased, as was revealed by an official from the Joe Biden administration in Washington. The New York Times: “The Israeli army has a limited time to complete its operations in the Gaza Strip before the anger of Arab countries and the frustration of the United States and other countries over civilian casualties impede the goal of eliminating the Israeli presence there. Hamas.”.

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