Germany’s European elections are a thermometer of democratic health

Germany is facing European elections that could be of great importance when it comes to demonstrating democracy Democratic health From this country to the world.

The rise of the far right It is a worrying issue, as it is everywhere in Europe. But in Germany The weight of history is special, Especially when we talk about an ideology that involves racism, xenophobia, hatred and intolerance and is closely linked to National Socialism.

Depending on what Germans decide at the ballot box on Sunday, the European far right will have more or less power. The new German far right, specifically, arose in this way The most reactionary and radical in Europe.

Let’s talk aboutAlternative for Germany (AFD)the party that was born just over a decade ago as a party Extremist liberal and Eurosceptic power It has developed into an extreme right that makes even other political forces in the same sector uncomfortable, as is the case with Marine Le Pen’s National Rally Party in France, which has already distanced itself from the AfD.

Number one and two in the Alternative for Germany party, without being able to appear in the campaign

The AfD has shot itself in the foot so many times that, just days before the European Parliament elections, it is barely able to walk. The game has become meaningless. He had to Ban their headlines from appearing in the campaign And also number two.

Maximilian Krah, the most prominent candidate of the Alternative for Germany party, turned Nazi terror into something relative (Reuters/Fabrizio Bensch)

The reason: corruption and revolutions related to denial. Maximilian Krah, the leading candidate of the Alternative for Germany partyNazi terror is relative Which raises suspicion that the SS was full of criminals. There is no doubt that leaving is as unnecessary as it is stupid from a strategic point of view.

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In Germany, Apologizing for Nazism will get you nowhere. The vaccine is still effective and the AfD leadership knows this. But the AfD appears to have lost control. Its leader in Thuringia, Björn Höcke, was also recently put on trial for using the banned phrase “Germany for the Germans”, a National Socialist slogan.

He participated in a secret meeting of European neo-Nazis

but that is not all. The AfD has been sprayed before A secret meeting of European neo-Nazis (With the participation of politicians from the AfD and also from the Christian Democratic Union, as leaked by the group dedicated to corrective journalistic research) in the city of Potsdam. Participants discussed a plan Millions of Germans deported With migratory roots.

Thousands of Germans took to the streets of large and medium-sized cities in the country Rejection demonstrations on the far right And the Alternative for Germany party, which has been repeated for weeks. An indication that Germany remembers its dark past and that rejection of Nazism exists among the majority today.

It can be said that at this stage the decline of the Alternative for Germany party, which has gained strength since the last federal elections held three years ago, began.

On that occasion, he knew Concentration of discontent With the trio of social democrats, environmentalists and liberals led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz going so far as to consolidate themselves as a second political force in the opinion polls: it has just begun a dangerous turn towards the far right.

Islamist attack in Mannheim could fuel the AfD

At this point, it is unknown what will happen on Sunday. A 29-year-old policeman is killed in Mannheim And its fall into the hands of a suspected Islamist, a week before the elections, this may give an opportunity to a party that was quick to try to obtain electoral income from the events that horrified German society.

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It is not surprising that this same week, during a speech dedicated to the state of security in the country, Chancellor Schulz announced to the Bundestag that his government was already working on legislative reform.

The goal: make it possible Deportation of criminals To countries that the deportees themselves consider dangerous, as is the case Syria s Afghanistanthe cop killer’s country of origin.

Far-right demonstration in Mannheim after the killing of a 29-year-old policeman (Reuters/Heiko Becker)

Youth are hope

in this occasion, The voting age was raised to 16 years. This is expected to contribute, on the one hand, to increasing participation, and on the other hand, to adding oxygen to the electoral results.

The younger vote may lean toward Very environmental parties Which does not have a presence in the German House of Representatives, but in the case of the European elections they can have representation in the European Chamber because, unlike the federal elections, There is no minimum percentage Of the votes needed to get the seat.

The German participation rate in the previous European elections was 61%, which is a low percentage, but still a lot Higher than the European average.

In these elections, 780,000 young people under the age of 18 will be able to vote in Germany, and institutions have launched a campaign to encourage participation in terms that compare it to a first kiss (EFE/ José Manzaneque)

Top candidates and best candidates

Between Ursula von der Leyen, Katharina Barley and Terje Reintke, the Christian Democrats, Social Democrats and environmentalists were placed Three women in the headlines. They are Spitzekanditatinnen of the three parties that achieved the best results in 2019.

CDU candidate Ursula von der Leyen is the current president of the European Commission (EFE/EPA/ANNA SZILAGYI)

Then the Social Democratic Party Katarina Barley He received an unprecedented blow, which did not prevent the Social Democrats from betting on their former family minister again.

In the case of the Christian Democratic Union, Ursula von der LeyenHe is the current president of the European Commission, which is a bet that carries more guarantees. What’s more, German conservatives may be the biggest beneficiaries The diminishing potential of the new far right That flags alternative to Germany.

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For their part, the Greens may suffer in this election. Climate change is on the back burner, unlike it was five years ago. Worse: The Vice Chancellor’s Party, robert habeck, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Annalena BurbockHe assumed a military role that disappointed a large portion of his voters.

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