Popular Science Publishing House for Children and Teens

Popular Science Publishing House for Children and Teens

millimeter: How will you celebrate your thirtieth birthday?

SS: in Bologna, during the fair, We’ll make a collective toast to talk about our collections and our authors. He will be with us too Telmo Bifani, a great friend of the publishing house and a major figure in children’s science publishing. For our 30th birthday, we also wanted to post Case index edited by Angela Del Gobo. It is divided by major areas and age, with an introductory hat at the beginning of each chapter and a suggested reading course at the end. I think it might be A very useful tool for everyone, booksellers, librarians and teachers… are suggestions on how to “use” science books.

millimeter: Among the titles released in recent weeks, or out for Bologna Children’s Book Fair (March 6-9), can you tell us about anyone in particular?

SSSometimes chance plays in your favor! It would be fortunate that March 8 this year fell during the fair, Just when we have three very strong titles, all three written by women.

The first is a reprint which we propose again with great enthusiasm: flowers in the family. Eva Mameli Calvino talking about herself to Elena Acati. Italo Calvino’s mother was an extraordinary woman, a botanist passionate about her work, the first woman to hold a teaching position in botany at the University of Pavia. But the women who told them were amazing, too Laura Ogna in Girls from the end of the world. Stories of explorers and travelers. The heroes, who lived between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, are Women who defied the conventions of the times to discover distant peoples and cultures.

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For younger readers, it’s also available at the bookstore waterfalla wonderfully illustrated book dedicated to the wonders but also the perils associated with the freshwater world. World Water Day is celebrated on the 22nd of March and we are delighted to contribute to this volume with such an interesting discountwith many illustrations, charts, and insights between science and sociology.

In Bologna there will be many other good ones, among which I am very pleased to note a book by Grace GottiAnd Three friends and a revolutioncentered around the shape Maria D. Donone of the first graduates in Italy, and a great innovator in the fieldObstetrics.

millimeter: Which reader are you from? What do you read during this period?

SS: I am a bookworm of English writers. after discovery Jane Austen For so many years, I have never stopped! Among the authors I’ve read all about are, for example, Elizabeth Howard And Catherine Dunn. I just read too forbidden notebook to Alba de Céspedes Which got me really excited. Hence I have a passion for publishing house Hyperborea: Year of the Rabbit to Arto Basilina It’s a beautiful book that I recently discovered John Kalman Stefansson (Here’s ours interview!) What a wonderful author. I bought his latest Your absence is dark. I can’t wait to start it.

millimeter: Are there any children’s science fairs, museums, or publishing initiatives that you can recommend?

I was spoiled for choice! Having recently published a book on submarines, I cannot recommend a visit Museum of Science and Technology Milan, to begin with. But then there muses Trento, where an exhibition to discover – in virtual reality – the Lascaux Caves, or Sci-fi Trieste, the first museum in Italy dedicated to children’s science. I would like to point out two little gems, both in Sicily: one is in Palermo, opened last year and is called the roots. Small museum of nature. the other is Archimedes and the Leonardo Museum in Syracuse.

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