13 mental health projects

We collect some of the mental health projects that participants of the “La Marato Research Visit” were able to discover this year:

thePark Tauli Research and Innovation Institute, Soledad Fernandez It operates on a digital platform aimed at improving the quality of life of ICU patients suffering from mental health sequelae and cognitive and physical disabilities.

theGuttman Institutesearching for Gabriel Cattaneo Focuses on designing a non-invasive, at-home brain stimulation tool to treat treatment-resistant depression.

Several visits to mental health projects provided participants with an innovative format that directly involved them in understanding disease mechanisms. In the’Del Mar Hospital Research InstituteFor example, Philip Mortier I Victor Perezwho lead research projects on suicide risks and prevention methods, proposed participatory activities for attendees based on a web application and an actor’s intervention.

On the other side, Gabriel Sunbury demonstrated a highly innovative methodology for predicting the risk of developing schizophrenia. It involves combining information provided by neurons in the nasal cavity with genetics and brain imaging of a group of people with and without symptoms of the disease. This same project can also be seen from another perspective inInstituto Per Mata de Ríoswith a team Gerard Montagne. In this center it was also possible to discover researchElizabeth VillellaWhich seeks to identify certain molecules to obtain biological information about bipolar disorder, which will allow psychiatrists to make early diagnosis and develop treatment plans and recommendations.

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