AG Thiago Motta: “He’s at Inter? The premature baby. But I’m 83 and I told him that…”

AG Thiago Motta: “He’s at Inter? The premature baby. But I’m 83 and I told him that…”

Dario Canovi’s words: “His way of coaching exactly reflects his ideas on the pitch”

Speaking to the Tuttosport microphones, Dario Canoviagent Thiago MottaHe spoke about his method of training and his possible future at Inter: “His method of training exactly reflects his ideas on the field. Thiago barely touched the ball twice. In addition, what made him so similar to Cerezo and Falcao – two other players I watched – and set him apart from the crowd was the fact that he was always close to his partner in difficulty. And if you look at the teams that are training today, there is hardly a player who, if he is pressed, does not have the solution that you offer a pass to his close colleague.

his models?

“I don’t think he had anything. He certainly had coaches from whom he learned a lot and I refer, for example, to Gasperini. Then he also had ‘serial winners’ like Ancelotti and Mourinho and a smart guy like him who knows how to memorize and reproduce what he learned ».

What does he still have to grow into?

“Once I told him a phrase Cerezo had said to me, that he wants to stop playing when he stops learning. And Toninho did so at the age of thirty-eight after winning the Intercontinental Championship as the best player in the final with Milan. Thiago liked this saying very much: he is so smart that he does not know that one must not be arrogant, much less daring. In this regard, he thinks that presumption is the clearest symptom of a man’s stupidity, so he knows that he still has a lot to learn, although he has already reached his place ».

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They say that at the time of Coverciano a special feeling arose with Renzo Ulivieri.

“A relationship born of a very heated discussion during the lesson because Thiago did not agree with what Olivieri said. Do you know how it turned out then? At the end of the course, Thiago got up and said, “Sir, you were right.” From then on, Renzo dumps him because he considers him just like him. I think he appreciated the person: Thiago doesn’t act, he’s available, he’s smart but he also has the ‘balls’. He is someone who, when it comes to showing his teeth, shows them just fine.”

On the other hand, Thiago could also coach PSG. And not the kids…

“The real fact on the subject is that part of the owners wanted him, but the sporting director didn’t want him and preferred to put his man there (translator: Campos Galtier, ed.)”.

Today there are already those who see him at Inter.

“I think any speech is completely premature. And that he is too focused on getting the best possible out of Bologna to think of anything else. He wants to play other games like the one on Sunday and the one in Florence.”

Anyway, sooner or later, the call will come…

“I am 83 years old and I said to him ‘Thiago made sure, before he died, to show me that you can reach what I think you can reach, or with a big name in European football.’ Another person who is fully convinced of this is Preziosi who had “The intuition to bring him to Italy. Although he was acquitted, he always said that Thiago was destined.”

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