“The United Kingdom was built by slavery” – Corriere.it

“The United Kingdom was built by slavery” – Corriere.it
From Enrica Rodolfo

The King was with Camilla in York for the unveiling of a statue dedicated to Queen Elizabeth. The attacker was attacked by the crowd with shouts of “Shame!” And it was stopped

without disturbing King Charles run away this morning Throwing some eggs while in York with his wife Queen Camilla. The king continued cold-blooded, unreactive, unemotional, as if nothing had happened, showing steadfastness and composure. Is the UK honeymoon with the new King Charles already over? The truth is that even Queen Elizabeth, who was loved and respected, has not escaped the protests and egg-throwing of her long reign.

Carlo was in York on a two-day tour where he unveiled a statue of his mother, who died on September 8th. The person (now under arrest) who threw four eggs at the King, who evaded them, more than against Charles’ character, justified his gesture by shouting the accusations. Against a United Kingdom built on slavery.

“The UK was built with the blood of slaves,” cried the bomber, who later turned out to be an Exctinction Rebellion activist, who had already been arrested for other protest actions, and is not new to the high-profile actions of the Green Cause.. Ironically, sustainability has been the battle of Prince Charles’ life now king.

In response to the attacker’s gesture, shouts of “Shame” and once again “God save the King” appeared among the crowd at his address. In short, the root of the gesture must be sought cancel culture Which for several years has been putting the statues and symbols of the colonial past of the United Kingdom as well as many other European kingdoms under the lens and under the target. If in the past, at the turn of the century, they had to face the attacks of anarchist movements, now they are in the crossfire of the battle against colonialism.

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