“I’m done for.” Request for international trial – El Tiempo

“I’m done for.”  Request for international trial – El Tiempo

“You’re done. Your end is near.” These are the words said by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, addressing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remotely. Speaking during a meeting of the Justice and Development Party in the Ankara parliament, Erdogan said that Netanyahu “is threatening the atomic bomb, the nuclear bomb. No matter what you have, you’re done for it.” Erdogan also announced that “Turkey will take measures to ensure that political and military leaders who commit merciless massacres against the people of Gaza are tried before international courts.”

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Then came the defense of Hamas from the Turkish number one, as has happened several times in recent days: “Israel is a terrorist state that commits war crimes, while Hamas protects its homeland and is a political party that won the elections, and therefore is legitimate. Hamas is made up of resistance fighters who fight to protect their homeland and their lives.” , regardless of the disruption this may cause.” The Turkish President then accused Israel of violating international humanitarian law in the Gaza Strip: “Our country is using all diplomatic means to try to stop the atrocities committed by Israel.” A new chapter in the media conflict that has been going on for days.

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