Città della Senza presents the latest book by Stefano Pisani, “Non Cielo Dicono”

Città della Senza presents the latest book by Stefano Pisani, “Non Cielo Dicono”

Yesterday, March 14th, at Mondadori Library in Torre del GrecoStefano Pisani presented Vol No heaven they say! “, a satirical collection of medical blunders. The introduction was by Carmine Baino, while the moderator was Luigi Amodio, former general manager of ADAS Foundation – Science Citythe current director of the Science Theater himself.

Vincenzo Schiavo, Adviser to the Naples and Provincial Medical Association and FIM President for General Medicine, Andrea Di Ronza, representative, spoke.

The author Pisani is a journalist with a degree in mathematics, and editor of the satirical magazine Lercio, “an expert on light astronomy, hunting from behind, the history of history, waffles, stale biographies,” as stated in the sarcastic notes at the bottom of the photo. By the editors of the head.

Between reading excerpts from the text and Pisani’s own comments, a discussion took place during the evening about the information epidemic, the daughter of the epidemic, as well as the outcome of the “do-it-yourself” medicine insiders often use to cope.

To tell the truth, according to the speakers themselves, the communication choices on the topic of Covid and vaccines were more often than not willingly misleading and confusing. Therefore, it is entirely reasonable that people remain stunned and skeptical about the pandemic and its management.

Yet another matter of insiders replacing doctors, or worse, people venting their rage with violent physical assaults against hospital staff.

Marika Galluro

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