Malan is the lone scientific voice in the political debate over climate, but for the Inquisition he is a ‘denier’

Malan is the lone scientific voice in the political debate over climate, but for the Inquisition he is a ‘denier’

There are no set facts in every scientific field, there is always research. There are many voices on the topic of climate change, starting with the voices of Franco Prodi, which differ from the thinking spread by the media. Even in theology we are ready for research, not to mention climate. So it is not true that these are phenomena that we have never seen in recent decades: I am thinking of the Policine, of the flood of Pisa, Florence and Venice. Dogmas may be good in other areas, but it is always good to have a non-absolute stanceWith these words the leader of the Brotherhood of Italy in the Senate, Lucio Malanspeaking with ANSA this afternoon.

It is rare to hear a politician narrate scientific views in such a precise and correct way, which they have already highlighted today on MeteoWeb Certified expert statements before Malan’s remarks. Well, controversy explodes in Italy even in the face of evidence. overwhelmed by the emotion of the moment, which leads us to believe that today’s flood is “I’ve never seen himWe lose all scientific authority, and so left-wing opponents accuse Malan of beingclimate denierDoes it remind you of anything?

We spent two years hearing the phrase “Covid-19 deniers“The only ones who, on the other hand, and it has now been established, understood from the start what things were like about the virus. And here we are again witnessing the attribution of stupid labels in the name of science to those who think differently. As usual, among the hardest ‘investigators’ who enter Malan Among the heretics to be silenced, there is the Democratic Party that is with the leader of the group Claire Braga He said: “Malan’s words are a classic example of publicity denial. We have seen the worst in Trumpian America. It presents facts selectively, eliminates critical viewpoints, and above all denies science“. Francesco Bocchiathe chair of the Democratic Senators, argues so Malan You deny the climate emergency,”Studies and data have shown“You deny”Sciences“and abuse”Logic, our country and the citizens who are suffering in Emilia-Romagna in these hoursEven the Five Star Movement severely stigmatizes Malan’s words.for countless times – notes the leader of the group 5s at Palazzo Madama Hector LecheriA member of the majority questions the scientific evidence on climate. This time, Lucio Malan, in the face of the disaster that befell Emilia-Romagna, could find nothing better than to deny the evidence of the facts.Green Europe spokesperson, Angelo Bonellihe has no hesitation in describing Malan as “denial.”I remember – goes on – That Nobel laureate Parisi claims that climate change is caused by human activity, in particular by emissions of carbon dioxide2. With him is the vast majority of scholars in the field, while only 0.034% say what Malan claims, by 1/3000After the Nobel laureates who think exactly like Malan There are many.

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In the center right, the vice president of the Brotherhood of Italy intervenes in the Senate, Except for Salemiaccording to Malan.He does not deny climate change, but only advises avoiding any dogmatic approach.”Furthermore it – Concludes – Science teaches that continuous research and experimentation are the foundation of scientific discovery“. also Maurizio LupiThe leader of the moderates defends his point of view Malan:”When I went to school, in primary school they explained to us that the Po Valley was an alluvial plain. This means that it was formed with the floods of the Po River, that the Po River overflowed, other rivers overflowed, and there have always been floods. That’s what Malan says, he never denied climate change, but our approach to it is different“.

In the evening, with a tweet, another comment from the same Malan:”The only true deniers of climate change are the climate Taliban who talk as if before 1880 the temperature was always stable and as if there were no extreme events before 1970.. ”

Why is politics exploiting science and imposing purely political views, as “scientific” when in reality they are not? On the left we again see situations similar to those ofinquisition Born in Galileo operationHe was judged ashereticBecause he claimed that the earth revolves around the sun. Sad story already seen with Corona virus disease Which is now repeating itself with climate change…

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