Political crisis in Tunisia after the shutdown of parliament

This dramatic turnaround has shaken young Tunisian democracy, which has been operating since the adoption of a compromise constitution in 2014 under a mixed parliamentary system in which diplomacy and security for the president are only individual.

Angered by the power struggles, Tunisians competed with the government in dealing with the social and health crisis, took to the streets despite the curfew order, set off firecrackers and cheered their horns in Tunis and many other cities.

This is the president we want, Says Nahla, thirty-one waving the Tunisian flag in the middle of a small crowd in Tunis, while a neighbor is worried The birth of a new dictator.

According to the constitution, I made the necessary decisions for the situation to save Tunisia, the government and the Tunisian people.Syed said after an emergency meeting with security forces officials at the Carthage Palace.

We are going through the most subtle moments in the history of Tunisia, Added the head of state, who has been in conflict for months with the main parliamentary party, Ennada.

Clashes broke out between police and protesters on Sunday in front of parliament in Tunis.

Photo: AFP / Fethi Belaid

This is not to suspend the Constitution or to deviate from constitutional fairness, we operate within the framework of the law, Notes that these results will be published in the form of an order.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the president clarified that a 30-day parliamentary freeze was in effect.

For his part, Ennatha committed fraud A conspiracy against the revolution and against the constitution, In a statement posted on his Facebook page. The Islamic creation emphasized its Parties […] The Tunisian people will also defend the revolution.

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The head of government was fired

During his election campaign, he supported a revolution through the law and a radical change of regime. Syed announced the removal of the head of government, Hichem Mechichi, from his post.

President of the Republic Take executive power with the help of a government whose head is appointed by the head of state, He added.

The Constitution does not allow the dissolution of Parliament, but allows it to paralyze its proceedings, Syed said, allows this type of action if the article relies on 80 Immediate danger.

He promised that the parliamentary exception for MPs would be removed and that those involved in court cases would be prosecuted.

The services of Prime Minister Messi have not yet responded to these decisions, and members of Ennada said in the afternoon that Mr.

The leader of the Ennada blocked in front of the seat of parliament

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ennada Rachael Kannouchi, was seen stranded in front of the seat of the room by several delegates, according to a video posted by Ennada’s Facebook account.

A few hundred supporters of the Tunisian president Syed gathered in front of parliament. Mr. Inspired by Islamism, the main parliamentary party led by Kannochi, they chanted anti-Ennada slogans. They also blocked supporters of the movement from accessing the legislature.

The military must protect the country and religion, Mr. Kannucci was asked to open the huge entrance gate closed by chains.

We are soldiers, we follow instructions. We were asked to close the parliament, A soldier replied.

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We ask you to stand with the soldiers, the officers, the people, Mr. Kannavuchi insisted.

The AFP photographer noted that the two camps exchanged thrown stones and bottles.

Mr. Kannochi and the delegates went to parliament at 3 a.m., but then they were trapped outside, behind closed doors guarded by soldiers.

Richard Connaughty heads to his seat in a black car with representatives of his Ennada party.

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