United States, Biden on tonight’s show: “Vaccinate patriotism”

United States, Biden on tonight’s show: “Vaccinate patriotism”

Joe Biden responds to comedian Jimmy Fallon, host of ‘The Tonight Show’, which aired on NBC: To bring his message to even the most ignorant or unfamiliar Americans, he has chosen one of the most-followed and most popular shows on US-made television, from his home in Wilmington, Delaware, where he usually travels on weekends to fight the Biden epidemic and four years after Trump became president. He talks about the deteriorating political environment, which makes everything very difficult.

“People are scared, worried – Biden explained – they are being told a lot of wrong things, not about me, but about their situation. He is being told that Armageddon is coming. He also talks about his life in the mansion: “It’s not your house, but you have a unique sense of home for the many people who work there”: “There are organizers. Rooms, who will fold our clothes, and cooks on the second floor. But we prepare breakfast ourselves, ”the president added. “Then do you lay eggs yourself?”, The host insisted: “No, Jill makes it,” the President laughed, referring to the first lady. “You took the class back to the White House,” Fallon closed.

This is not the first time Biden has been a guest on the show: in 2016 he co-starred in The Presence of ‘The Tonight Show’ and ate an ice cream cone live with the comedian. Barack Obama was the first current president to attend an evening show in 2009, and then appeared on a number of shows targeting the general public until 2016, when he used these looks with former First Lady Michael as a powerful communication weapon. When Donald Trump ignored this kind of platform, he was probably afraid that he might be the target of ridicule by comedians.

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