He died of Govt disease a month after the anti-virus vaccine tweeted

Several U.S. media outlets have reported that a 34-year-old man who mocked Govt-19 and the vaccine several times on Twitter died of the corona virus earlier this week.

Stephen Harmon, a resident of the Los Angeles area, died of COVID on Wednesday.

On June 3, the American released a tweet about it, where he changed the lyrics of a song by rapper Jay-Is to make fun of the vaccine.

“If you have email issues, my son, I’m sorry for you. I have 99 problems, but the vaccine is not one of them, ”he wrote in a statement.

Stephen Harmon took to Twitter on July 8 to call government employees who went home to encourage people to be vaccinated as “Jacobite Witnesses”.

A few days ago, the man posted photos of himself in a hospital bed and later said he was suffering from pneumonia, indicating that his oxygen level was too low and that he should have been ingested.

Three days before his death, Mr. Harmon re-entered his Twitter account.

“If you do not believe that God can heal me more than your stupid fan, leave my room because there is no room here for fear and lack of faith!”

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