Ukraine and Biden do not believe in Russia’s withdrawal: “The United States is ready and the attack is still possible. We aim for written negotiations with Moscow”

The lull has begun, but it is not yet complete. Russian President Vladimir Putin He gave the signal of relaxation through permission stretchBegins subordinate Withdraw From forces From the border and ensures that he does not want war except there Boy He doubted a real slowdown of tensions on the ground. So is the President of the United States Joe Biden He answered very cautiously, noting that a Russian attack was still a tangible possibility. Leader availability Kremlin To discuss regional security, by receiving the German Chancellor Olaf Schulzedid not explain how the more complex game would be untied: tug-of-war on the entrance Kiev in NATO. Because Moscow insists, that should never happen; But Westerners cannot accept it, at least formally and in writing, as the Kremlin would like.

And Biden gave voice to Westerners’ skepticism but also their cautious presence: “The United States is ready, no matter what happens – the White House explained this evening – attacks Ukraine is always here possibleFor the president, the United States of America “They have not yet achieved at this stage” of the actual withdrawal of the Russians from the Ukrainian border, he added, but added: “We are keen to negotiate written agreements with Russia‘, to propose ‘new measures on arms control and transparency…’ diplomacy must be given ‘every chance of success’. Then he emphasized, “We do not want to destabilize Russia.”

In the wake of the American media’s announcements of the impending Russian invasion, the Ministry of Defense in Moscow announced this morning that “the units of the southern and western military districts have completed their tasks” in the exercises at the borders began to re-enter the bases. to retreat “Scheme”The Minister of Foreign Affairs explained Sergey Lavrovrejecting alarms spread like “media terrorism”The fruit of Western hysteria. As for NATO, however, the secretary-general said: “There are no indications on the ground that Russia will reduce its forces on Ukraine’s borders.” Jens Stoltenberg. Which also demanded the withdrawal of heavy machinery and military equipment. To reinforce Western suspicions came Kiev’s condemnation of Internet attack To the Ministry of Defense websites and two public banks. A signal, if confirmed, of a new hybrid attack in the possible direction of Moscow.

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Meanwhile, the main event took place on the day of negotiations in the Kremlin, face to face between them Russian President Vladimir Putin And Olaf Schulze. The German chancellor extended her hand, stressing that the safety of theEurope “It cannot be built against Russia but in cooperation with Russia.” Putin expressed his appreciation, explaining that there are “elements” ready to work on, and that “it is clear – as he said – that I do not want war.” But the points of optimism are all here. As usual, the Russian president flexed his muscles, warning that the talks “cannot be prolonged.” And he did not abandon his sermon against Westerners: “For 30 years they have been telling us that they will not expand NATO towards Russia but this has always happened,” he charged, rejecting the thesis that Ukraine’s accession is not currently on the agenda. “Whether it will happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, it will be the same for us, the question must be resolved now,” he warned. Schulz responded to the issue with “no negotiation.”

To overcome the crisis, the two chancellors remain focused on the implementation of the Minsk agreements, which also provide for greater autonomy for southeastern Ukraine. But from Moscow, there are signs that he risks ruining the table. over there alwaysThe lower house of parliament approved Putin’s request to recognize republics Donetsk And Lugansk. Between the protests of the European Union and NATO. Meanwhile, the heads of Russian and American diplomacy Sergey Lavrov And Anthony Blinken Joe Biden spoke to them on the phone Emmanuel Macron The need to “verify” the withdrawal of Russian forces. Italy, in turn, held an interview between the Prime Minister Mario Draghi Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky And with the Foreign Minister’s mission to Kiev Luigi Di MaioHe is expected to arrive in Moscow on Thursday.

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