Pogba – Juventus, final details. Fans called him

Pogba – Juventus, final details.  Fans called him

Turin – The greeting to Manchester unitedwho had carried him in her arms when he was a child and then sent him away and brought him home and now let him go again, he official Yesterday, the videos released by the English club confirmed the second departure. Paul Pogba, future by Paul Pogba, it no longer has anything to do with the Red Devils who, obviously, “love” losing a real player by losing as well. Otherwise, how to explain the fact that United spent zero in 2009 to get the octopus from Cantera Le Havre and then sold it three years later to Juventus Who paid 1.2 million in coaching bonus, while the Brits bought him back in 2016 for 105 million plus 5 bonus operations and now see the midfielder is ready to start a new life as a free agent? Others’ problems, and not Juventus, which these days wants to settle the details of the new salary of the Frenchman: from 13 million base net, pee It will drop to 7.5-8 per year for a decade to 2025. Unless…

Pogba is ready for a new adventure

Unless Paris Saint-Germain, No progressimpossible, with Pogba ready to “betray” the trust given to him by an entire people awaiting the announcement. Continassa’s confidence reigns after his recent standoff with attorney Rafaela Pimenta, but the last word is never said in the market. Juventus management and the Octopus’s entourage certainly have daily contacts. Paul, who has never forgotten Juventus, has long indicated his willingness to return with reduced pay for a whole series of reasons, the first of which lies in the character of Massimiliano Allegri who will put him at the center of his project. […]Anyone who knows an octopus knows they can’t wait to turn the page. there Juventus She is convinced she has done everything necessary to convince him, PSG appears to be slipping away, and Real Madrid appears to have other goals. And Juventus fans are trampled on. Pogback? Yes, we may be there.

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