“This is the teleportation of information”, a study in nature that brings us closer to the Internet for a safer future

“This is the teleportation of information”, a study in nature that brings us closer to the Internet for a safer future

to the word “instant transferSci-fi buffs will immediately think Captain Kirk and all Mr. Scotty Starship project In the Star Trek series, where humans, aliens, and objects can be stripped and materialized at will even over large distances between the point of departure and arrival. These are not such “strange” findings, but the teleportation from which the news comes surely pushes the imagination forward toward a future with amazing potential for all of humanity. In fact, a team of researchers from the Netherlands, from Delft University of Technology and the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, published in the prestigious journal temper nature I managed to get it Simultaneous transmission of quantum information between two non-adjacent nodes in a three-node quantum network.

Beyond the cloud of technical jargon, this is an essential step towards creating one quantum web, A surprisingly safer and more efficient network than the current network. Quantum network run by research authors Sophie HermansAnd the Ronald Hanson and their colleagues participated in three named contracts Alice, Bob and Charlie Connected by fiber optics, with direct connections between Alice and Bob and between Bob and Charlie, but not between Alice and Charlie. Teleportation requires first and foremost the sharing of quantum states (and thus information) through the physical phenomenon oftangle between adjacent nodes. Then we moved on to perform the quantum exchange process in the central node Bob, thus creating a bond tangle Between Alice and Charlie. Thanks to the bond, each state associated with Alice was instantly reproduced in Charlie, thus “simultaneous transmission” of quantum information between them. However, it is still too early to imagine a well-organized network. According to the authors, further improvements to multiple system features will be required to enable more Teleportation cycles and to produce large-scale quantum networks.

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However, it is still a major step that comes the day a new study is announced, the results of which should help mitigate the number of errors in quantum computers. Specifically, a group of scientists led by Thomas Munz From the Department of Experimental Physics at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, he carried out operations on so-called “logical qubits”, so that errors caused by basic physical operations related to information being processed in a future quantum computer could be detected and corrected.

Study in nature

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