Bologna Empoli: Zanetti Conference

Bologna Empoli: Zanetti Conference

Empoli: Zanetti Conference

“That’s a good question. I’d never trade anything for performance because it gives us a foundation for the future. It’s only natural that we all want victory, more than anything to bring home what we produce and the efforts we put in every day. I’ve never hidden the appreciation for the team, the guys deserve it.” Winning and I don’t want to get the team into a mental loop where winning at any cost leads to a loss of certainty. Victory will come, it’s arithmetic if we keep believing in what we’re doing and if we add more attention and evil. Today we are beautiful but we are imperfect”

On many crosses

“These are numbers for me too, we are working on it and the numbers are going up. As the game builds we got there really well and then we have to improve the timing between the cross and the striker. We try to be champions in the race, with the facts, and the part of this first period is growth. We don’t want to reverse ourselves, we also have to win and if we can’t that bothers us, but creating chances is an important fact.”

in Bologna

“Going to Bologna is not easy, even if Mihajlovic is there. A certain game awaits us, and we also have things unknown from the point of view of its formation. We worked a lot on ourselves and to a lesser extent on our opponents than at other times. Bologna has unusual bachelors, you need to be careful Extremely. Our dose of humility must be at its maximum.”

About training doubts

“Regardless of any doubts I have, it is difficult to change a team that has performed so well. The only doubts are about physical recovery, I have a couple. Basically, I would like to reconfirm the team as a whole but I have attitudes to watch and the players going on.”

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