Plitty GMW Taskman, electric bee-inspired electric tricycle in the United States

GMW Taskman, an electric three-wheeler that has already made more than 12 million deliveries in 2021 alone, has landed in the United States. The SmartSwap system is interesting in that it offers the opportunity to exchange the battery at one of the recharging points, thus extending autonomy.

It was launched in 2021, but has traveled 30 million km worldwide and made 12 million deliveries: it can be said that it was just born, but it did not take long for the Gmw taskman to collect important numbers. The Plitty Electric three-wheeler, now resembling a Piaggio monkey, is set to land in the United States to reflect the success of the zero-emission duck ducks on American soil.

Replaceable battery

After the United Kingdom, Japan, the Middle East, India and Africa, those in Plymouth have decided to put the American continent on Taskman’s cross chair. The protagonist of the star-studded release that debuted at the last Los Angeles Automobility, this electric tricycle designed for the last mile can be discarded in a variety of configurations to suit a wide variety of applications: the top speed is around 50. Km / h, Taskman can carry a maximum of 680 kg and has a range of about 180 km, guaranteed by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for about three and a half hours. But that’s not all, because the latter is designed to be easily replaceable, so this expands the scope of operation of this little truck: Plitty has actually developed a smartswap that allows operators to stop their own battery and build a network of stations. And replace it with one that can be replaced at its full potential. The operation, which takes less than a minute, according to the company, is facilitated by a smartphone processor that shows the driver a map of the charging stations. The price for the US market has not yet been announced, but it should not be far from $ 11,000.

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