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Weather: New Year with Paramount Recordings! The two-sided African giant, we tell you what will happen

New Year’s Eve forecastIt might be one new years To remember what we are about to experience and that is a real result Two-faced African giant Which on the one hand will dispense with thermal extremes register On the other hand, a practically opposite climatic context.

Many of you will now know how high stresses in winter behave differently than in summer. In fact, high pressure in summer is an indicator of overall atmospheric stability and is only observed in the hottest hours, especially near altitudes, and small pitfalls due to classic heat storms. In winter, however, although anticyclones can still bring one fair air stability The climate, which is sometimes very mild for this season, is also responsible for the very dreaded phenomenon of fog and low clouds which, in addition to maintaining a gray and sometimes dull weather environment, keeps the temperature They have very strict values.

But to make the news new years It will not be the usual fog and low clouds that will be concentrated near the Po Valley and in some parts of the center, but temperature which will be recorded in most of the South, and in the rest of the Center, and above all on the inscriptions of the North: quickly scrolling through the climatological records, in fact it is really hard to find in the past 100 or 200 years a new years With such high calorific values ​​of the season. Suffice it to say that temperatures close to +12 / +15 °C at 1500m are expected in the Alps and Prealps on New Years Day, as well as in the Apennines, and 20 °C on Earth would be the order of a day in the south and in Sardinia with night Unusual and warm San Silvestro.

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As for the weather forecast So we all understood how it would pass under the banner of stability and sunlight, except for the announced fog e clouds Few Willing to significantly reduce visibility especially in flat areas in the north. A meteorological picture like this will accompany us even 2/3 January When things seem to want to change under the pressure of the massescold air Descending from Northern Europe is ready to threaten other pressure ambitions, exposing us to a climate context once again of the winter type.

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