US loosens restrictions, what will change for the Chinese company soon

US loosens restrictions, what will change for the Chinese company soon

It has now been more than three years since thenHuawei blacklisted by the United States By the Trump administration, it seemed that the situation would remain the same with Biden. But two years after changing the boss, we have something new: Huawei restrictions will be eased.

According to reports from Bloombergthe US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security has officially authorized Sharing Low Level Technologies to technology standards set by organizations that include sanctioned companies such as Huawei.

It is unclear what technologies we are talking about, but we have the first data regarding this important decision: “US stakeholders should be fully involved in international standardization organizations, particularly when the critical but sometimes invisible standards created have important national and commercial security implications.”Mention Undersecretary of Commerce for Industry and Safety, Alan Estevez.

Simply put, the idea is as follows: easing tension with Chinese society will accelerate the creation of new global technological standards, thus allowing To the United States to continue to innovate and maintain the market A leadership role in technology. Thus, this is not a decisive breakthrough, but a small step forward in improving relations between the two parties. After all, these days it is necessary not only for the benefits in technology.

But last September, Huawei introduced the top of the range Mate 50 in the Asian market.

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