Plan to maintain the club, relaunch and move to the United States

Plan to maintain the club, relaunch and move to the United States

Other than the imminent transfer. Steven Chang He doesn’t want to give upInter. Not now that there are big margins of growth on the horizon thanks to… Stadium project. Therefore, ownership of Inter is not considered a sale. He is working on Debt refinancing And stay steady in driving.

No transfer: Stephen Zhang has no intention of selling Inter

This has been talked about many times, especially in recent years Inter transfers, which experts described as almost inevitable. but not. The scenario is very different. According to what was reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport. Zhang does not want to deprive himself of the Nerazzurri club. He also said this in no uncertain terms to shareholders on the occasionThe last shareholders meeting. China’s number one young president Suning InternationalHe is fully involved in the project, as was evident after his boys’ victory over Roma, where he praised everyone.

Inter’s debt, this is how Zhang can maintain his ownership

The main obstacle relates to: Repay the loan to Oaktreewhich must be implemented before May 20, 2024. That’s a lot of money: in fact, we’re almost talking about it 325 million euros. There are two paths for Zhang: the first, which is preferred, is related to Debt refinancingthe other as much as possible Fund involvement With a minority contribution which then leads to Sell ​​the clubvalue 1.3 billion euros. However, the owner has already decided to move forward, also because he sees a rosy future for Inter, especially regarding the club project. Construction of the new Nerazzurri stadium.

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Inter, Chang’s Strategy, and the United States Hypothesis

Zhang is busy on the double front for Inter-Suning, with Chinese government Which he allocated 650 million euros To overcome the liquidity crisis that the company was a victim of. Regarding the future of the Nerazzurri club, contacts have been made with two of them American trust funds: This is the idea to find funds capable of refinancing the debt with Oaktree, who is not interested in leading Inter. The real issue – wrote Gazzetta dello Sport – is: interest rates, by 12% with Oaktree; Zhang aims to get a new loan, but at lower interest rates. And the Inter’s future remains uncertain.

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