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dead, until not so long ago known as FacebookHe’s been working on his ambition for a long time metaverso. Among the increasingly advanced viewers and the name change itself, Zuckerberg’s company is paving the way to a future of virtual worlds that we can also touch with our hands, thanks to futuristic tactile glove designed to give substance and weight to digital objects.

The technology used in the prototype of virtual gloves From the Meta, a tip that could accompany future Oculus viewers by replacing existing consoles, is as interesting as it is complicated. It is no coincidence that it has been in development for 7 years and it will take a long time to become a commercial reality, but it already puts us before exciting prospects in terms of uncertainty.

In fact, we are talking about the possibility of perceiving a virtual object held in the hand, as well as testing its weight thanks to a series of mini motors Able to move air, of different intensity levels, in a series of engines. Hence simulated haptic feedback integrated with high-resolution motion-detection sensors, which promise to integrate the sense of touch when an object is held in the hand and the ability to manipulate it with previously unimaginable precision.

Meta is making a pair of virtual gloves that promise to make the metaverse tangible

Technologies of this kind will be important to make us truly part of virtual worlds, no matter if we are talking about video games or social networks in the future. Both, on the other hand, are part of the prospects of a sector that promises a very high realism, thanks also Technologies like NVIDIA Modulus. But as expected, it will take a long time for devices of this type to reach stores.

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The first problem relates to the costs of a complex device such as the virtual Meta Gloves and the second, which is more relevant, relates to the need to recreate truly realistic sensations. In fact, it is not enough to activate a few motors and pump a little air to deceive our senses. To do this they need Technologies that do not yet exist, as acknowledged by Meta Reality Labs Division Director Shaun Keeler. But according to meta designers, who are currently working on micro-gesture tracking and glove triggers, the combination of visual input, a single trigger, and sound really does provide a compelling feel.

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