Pinot primo at Passo delle Crocelle, up the road and where you see it on TV

Pinot primo at Passo delle Crocelle, up the road and where you see it on TV

Live coverage of stage four of the Giro d’Italia: today’s updates on Venosa-Lago Laceno. Pinot wins his first mountain Grand Prix: the Frenchman is the first to cross the finish line at Passo delle Crocelle.

It is the first part of the 2023 edition set entirely in the remote regions of Southern Italy. It starts from the province of Potenza and goes to the province of Avellino, thus arriving in Campania after a journey of 175 kilometers and an interesting initial total difference in elevation of 3,500 metres.

  • Stage number: Fourth, Venosa – Lake Lasino
  • Arrival time: 5.10 p.m
  • Phase road: wavy
  • Length: 175 km
  • Elevation gain: 3500 m
  • Live TV: Rai 2 / RaiSportHD (unencrypted), Eurosport 1 live: RaiPlay (unencrypted),, Discovery +, Sky Go, NOW, DAZN

Where to watch the Giro d’Italia on live TV and streaming

Live TV for the fourth stage of the Giro will be set to be visible, as always, on RaiSportHD and Rai2, while live TV will be visible on Eurosport 1. Free-for-all is available on the Rai portal, RaiPlay, while live streaming is for a fee, and is based on to different solutions:, discovery +, Sky Go, NOW and DAZN.

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Pinot wins its first Mountain Grand Prix

The Frenchman at Passo delle Crocelle crosses the finish line first and thus wins the Gran Premio della Montagna.

There is the first rider to retire from the 2023 Giro d’Italia

Paul Lapeira, from AG2R Citro├źn, is the first to retire for the 2023 Giro d’Italia. Lapeira retires during the fourth stage. In his own way he won very little popularity in this pink race.

The group tried to flee, but failed

The group of escapees missing several units is about to start the ascent of the Passo delle Crocel, the first category two climb of the 2023 Giro.

With the arrival of the rain, the stage becomes difficult especially for Milan

The complex-climbing first stage of the 2023 Giro is made even more complicated by the rain that accompanies southern Italy these days. Jonathan Millan, winner of the second stage, risks losing ground from the peloton.

The first escape of the fourth stage was blocked by the peloton

The stage started at 12:28. About twenty minutes later, the 13 riders started a short breakaway, including Samuele Zoccarato, Andreas Leknessund, Filippo Zana and Einer Rubio. However, the escape was not successful, and indeed the 13 were quickly recovered from the group.

Where to watch the Giro d’Italia live on TV

The 106th Giro d’Italia race will be visible on both live and live TV. In order not to miss any of the 21 stages of the 2023 edition, it will be possible to follow the fractions live on TV, without encoding and at no additional cost, on Rai channels (RaiSportHD and Rai 2 will cover the event). For a fee, the Pink Race is also visible on TV for Eurosport subscribers (Eurosport 1). In streaming, free and unencrypted, make an appointment on the Rai platform, RaiPlay, with a wide selection for a fee:, discovery +, Sky Go, NOW, DAZN.

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At the start of the stage, the race started in Venosa

Let’s go! The fourth stage begins in the province of Potenza from Venosa. It would take about 5 hours to get to Lake Lasino on a road full of ups and downs that would certainly enliven the progress of the little village today.

Who are the favorites to win the fourth stage?

Stage 4 presents itself as an initial starter to Weeks 2 and 3 climbs, but nothing extravagant. The first part of the course was decisive, which also allows for important breaks in the day for men far from the classification in the first places and who wanted to anticipate the sprinters on the straight to the slightly sloping finish line. In fact, the last climb ends 3km from the finish: if there is a clear advantage on top of the Mollella, there could be a first individual finish or a head-to-head showdown between a few sprinters.

Where the Giro d’Italia passes today

Stage four starts around 12:30 and develops over the Apennines, through the Lucanian mountains with a couple of long climbs that are nonetheless funky. In the province of Potenza, the first two descents of the day, while the last ascent of the day begins at the end of the route, in Bagnoli Irpino. The finish is located in the province of Avellino around Lake Saceno, which is more than a thousand meters high.

Stage 4 of the Venosa-Lago Saceno pink race: course and elevation

The general classification after Matthews’ win yesterday

After the first three stages, one timed and two in a row, the general classification of the Giro d’Italia was formed in these first days, in which the gaps are obviously very small due to the lack of mountains.

In the pink three days later, it’s Remco Evenepoel of Team Quick Step ahead of Portugal’s Joao Almeida of Team Emirates and Roglic of Jumbo-Visma making up the podium. A little later, Kong and Thomas were two more contestants from the standings.

What time does the Giro d’Italia start today: Departure time

La Venosa – Lago Laceno, the fourth stage of the Giro d’Italia 2023 is 175 kilometers of a road that can give some special emotions especially at the end with the first test climbs and breakaways of the day. Departure scheduled at 12:30 for arrival no later than 17:30.

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