Airpods, devastating show: practically a gift

Airpods, devastating show: practically a gift
AirPods (2nd generation) –

On Amazon we find another great offer: AirPods 2nd generation discounted by 31%, never seen before.

How not to connect AirPods As one of the successful products launched by Apple. Their entry into the market was a real turning point for the world of earphones, which were initially quite uncomfortable and bulky.

since launch AirPods The first generation, many companies have tried to reproduce such a device small and equally effective, But Apple, in addition to bringing it to market, continues to guarantee more wireless headphones over time Convenient and effective In the market.

Meanwhile, Apple has renewed itself, creating various alternatives that guarantee, as always, the usual quality that characterizes the brand with the biting apple. at the level of the quality price, We have no substitutes that match this product.

AirPods second generation They connect to any device, not necessarily connected to the Apple home, and offer excellent quality thanks to their provision of the H1 chip, which ensures connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 Stable and fast.

A leap in quality as it is today Accessible to everyone , Not only for low average price, but also for well discount 50 euros, Available on Amazon.

Second generation Apple AirPods

Considering the products that we find on the market, these headphones have little to envy the high-end devices. In addition to a good bluetooth connection, they have a file optical sensors and from a Accelerometer Detects when the headphones are placed in the ear, and pauses when they are removed.

Another convenient function is for sure connect with Siri, Which includes a voice command to make calls, send messages and manage music playback without having to take out the phone. All of these functions can be adjusted simply by touching. Duration drums, With the case fully charged it is from 24 hours. Even continuous use can last 5 hours of battery life out of the box. If you need a quick recharge, no problem: a 15-minute recharge equals 3 hours of battery life.

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Apple AirPods Amazon offer -
Apple AirPods Amazon offer –

AirPods, 31% off: Amazon offer

The base price of this device is 159 euros, but thanks to the discount it offers Amazon You can get AirPods 2nd generation at an incredible price 109 euros. For such quality, we can say that this purchase remains a bargain not to be missed.

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