Lazio, revolving doors from the outside: Lazare’s farewell, Kurzawa’s chance | market

An intense transfer session is expected for Lazio in January. To give up the many iterations and unsuitable profiles of Sarri’s match, to begin to fix some weaknesses in the team. The revolution would then continue into the summer, but one of the areas in which they would attempt to intervene immediately were the defensive corridors.

Lazare in the market – Lazzari’s adaptation of a role other than his, alternating with Hisage and Marousek, was not as expected. Then the previous spal ended up in the market. Torino is interested (it would be perfect for Juric’s 3-5-2, editor), but Bologna also has its sights set seriously on the 27-year-old from Vicenza. The premiere of 8 million was judged too low, but from Emilia they ensure the parties are working under the radar. It remains to be seen if a possible move to Bologna will be beneficial to the player. Atalanta should also be added to the list of suitors, who appear more willing to monitor the situation for June, if number 29 remains in Rome in the coming months. On the other hand, if it is moved in this session, the path will be clearer for a new addition, suitable for 4-3-3.

Karzawa chance – The path that leads to Van Anholt, in a hypothetical exchange with Galatasaray for Muricki, does not seem practical. An interesting occasion could then be Levin KurzawaOffered to Lazio these days. Paris Saint-Germain’s class of 92 is on the sidelines of the team and does not want to continue to rot between the bench and the runway. The French club also needs to be sold so as not to risk penalties after the big spending last summer. that it An experienced player who loves Sarri. The obstacle, however, is the engagement. Lotito and Tari would gladly please the coach with a profile like his, but I 4 million net It now takes too many Biancocelesti parameters. The process would only be feasible if the Parisians covered a portion of the salary for the next six months, which would then have to be adjusted downward anyway. For now, substitutes Willems, Gudmundson and Cassall are still in the background, and they’ve bounced back in the tabloids in recent days.

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