Manuel Agnelli on ‘Afterwords’: ‘I felt like a prisoner’

Manuel Agnelli on ‘Afterwords’: ‘I felt like a prisoner’

Manuel Agnelli In an interview he talked about After hoursthe historic alternative rock band he founded in 1986.

People change, but names change, too, because Afterhours is a band that has gone through ten formations. It is true that some pressures lead to complex relationships, but it is also true that one can function in harmony. I don’t know why it happened this way, but I do know how. At some point I felt like a prisoner, because Afterhours was only a group of friends with the first formation, and then it became a “music project”, which did great things, but tensions were born there.

These are the lyrics Manuel Agnelli on After hoursreported by noisemag.

I froze hours after hours as it became a hard machine to move, like big company, the opposite of what I wanted from music. I love our job, the last two jobs so much, and I’m proud of what we’ve done, but it’s become an accomplishment. Only big events were put on and later tours are probably made for them now it’s become a trademark. And the audience wants this, the songs that accompanied them at certain stages of life, in their youth, at the first fall in love, otherwise they would be angry. He’s human, but the new pieces aren’t that important, it doesn’t matter if they’re worth it. So I took the opportunity to start over, to find my personal freedom, to win back an audience for the music I play and not just for the story I have, which brought me back to harmonious form and a maddening desire to make music.”

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Is the story of the historical band over then? The answer now appears to be yes…

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