Pierpaolo Prietelli puts his hands there: Julia, embarrassed, reveals to him in front of everyone

Pierpaolo Prietelli puts his hands there: Julia, embarrassed, reveals to him in front of everyone

Pierpaolo Pretelli and Giulia Salemi are one of the couples who were born in front of cameras Big Brother VIP. Both beautiful and loved by fans, they are proof that true love can also be born in a television context.

Being public figures, they tend to constantly update their followers with unmissable photos and stories. In the past few hours, for example, Julia posted a cute one Instagram story in which she reinforces her boyfriend’s gesture. No one expected such a thing from himIt is also known for its confidentiality.

Pierpaolo Pretelli and Giulia Salemi – Solospettacolo.it

Pierpaolo Pretelli wore a velino robe stripping news with a colleague Elijah Vongaro. Then he returned to the small screen in the program men and women From Maria de Filippi To attract the tronista of that edition, that is Theresa Angela (Currently working with Option Andrea Dal Corso). Finally decided to participate in the reality show of Alfonso Signorini And so you know Elisabetta Gregoracci. His interest in the ex-boyfriend was evident Flavio Briatore, but she did not pay. Once Julia enters the house, things have changed to a point now The two have a beautiful love story.

At first, viewers did not believe in their intentions, but after months they changed their minds. Although the years have passed, they are in love and seem to have important projects to carry out together. Lately it was Julia who gave her followers a smile Because he caught Berpaolo red-handed. As usual, she used the sarcasm she always had.

Likes to check baggage

In short, it is a picture that Julia took in front of the mirror. The latter has a crazy physique highlighted by an intriguing outfit. The shirt has a neckline that prompts Pierpaolo to take a look, so that “everything is under control”. In the meantime, he also tested with one hand and Julia did not hesitate to immortalize the typical gesture of a man in love.

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On the other hand, he wears a black shirt and pants that accentuate his darker skin tone more. Loved by young and old alike, Pierpaolo represents the old classic boy With sound principles and madly in love with his woman he treats her with absolute respect.

New projects for the beloved couple

Now they will have to roll up their sleeves for the commitments on their own agendas. Pierpaolo with Soleil rise will be on top Gf Vip Party. The producers decided to focus on both Because she is full of energy and has a great desire to do.

Pierpaolo's gesture - Solospettacolo.it
Julia’s Instagram Story – Solospettacolo.it

On the other hand, Julia will have another task: Comment directly on the dynamics of the house by reading social comments (especially from Twitter) The best or the funniest. The new version will start soon, so we have to wait.

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