Dead Bruno Arena, by Prickly Pears –

Dead Bruno Arena, by Prickly Pears –
From Renato Franco

Bruno Arena, comedian and comedian, passed away today: his son Gianluca made the news. In 2013, Arena was the victim of an aneurysm after recording an episode of Zelig: illness forced him to retire from the scene.

Bruno Arena, the other half of Fichi D’India with Max Cavallari, who died at the age of 65. He’s been in a fragile and precarious state for quite some time now, after being a victim Aneurysm for nearly 10 years (was January 17, 2013) while recording an episode of zellige. Emergency surgery, the comedian had to face a prolonged period in a coma from which he came out after a month and a half to begin his rehabilitation phase. She has improved, but not enough to be able to taste the applause of the stage again.

Bruno Arena was born in Milan on January 12, 1957 and had taken his first steps in the world of entertainment as a leisure tourist, but his career developed thanks to a meeting with Max Cavallari 1988: A walk on the beaches of Palinuro convinced them to form a comic duo and the name Fichi d’India was chosen specifically to honor the plants that frame the walks. Neighbors, Bruno and Max shared it all: debuts on stage at a club in Varese, Milan nightclub, first TV forays (program) Yogurt On Italia 1), the movie with Benigni (in Pinocchio They were, in perfect timing, cat and fox), Success thanks to jokes From Do you know the latest? (on channel 5), Dedication to Zelig, books. It was the most famous phrase free friends Dedicated to the choreographic and folkloric protagonist of Sergio Baracco: rre moscia screams until it turns purple, Baracco was selling gems that, according to him, were worth millions to the much-consuming figure of one hundred thousand lire.

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Bruno Arena’s life was also marked by another accident. In 1984, he was involved in a serious traffic accident that forced him to undergo several surgeries. The result was partial loss of vision in one eye. Exactly this injury you caused Picasso’s face, he was always belittled on every show with incessant jokes about his ugliness; Weakness became comic strength. There was also some controversy in the career of Fichi d’India, especially for participating in various versions of Miss BadaniaBeauty contest organized by the Northern League (particular criticism of some jokes about Sicilians). How can I imagine the future without my “brother”? Max Cavallari said: The curtain is always open, and I don’t close it because you must be here with me too.

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