Lorenzo Lazzarini, the first character to die from Covid in an Italian novel, dies

Actor Gianmarco Saurino was the first to play a character who died of Covid in an Italian series production.

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Gianmarco SorinoThe 29-year-old actor was the first actor to play the first character to die from Covid in an Italian television production. for him Lorenzo LazzariniThe highly regarded in season one, died in tragic and sudden circumstances due to the virus that has brought the world to its knees for two years now. In Corriere della Sera, the actor tells us about himself: “It was right to remember all the health workers that there is no more in this country. This thing happened and we must not forget that they were there and they fell until we feel safe enough. It happened and is still happening.”

Doc Season 2 – In Your Hands

the The second season of the document – in your hands Deviate from current events and speak frankly about the pandemic and Covid. In fact, the first episode shows Dr. Andrea Fanti and his management finding themselves preoccupied with the sudden outbreak of the epidemic. The second episode reviews its repercussions and how life has changed after two years. Among these changes, among these unexpected upheavals, unfortunately, there is also the departure of the beloved character played by Gianmarco Sorino.

Gianmarco Sorino’s words

Gianmarco Sorino explained that trying to show what happened to so many doctors and health staff, in such recent times, was “a huge responsibility that I deeply feel”.

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What I think is that our series, more than anything else, will show a lot of people what happened inside hospitals, because we tried to show it as honestly as possible. Those pictures gave me goosebumps. If in season one we tried to get the doctors to understand what they were experiencing, beyond appearances, in this season the attempt was to show how they move in such a dramatic historical period.

Meanwhile, the grip of Covid is not stopping. Yesterday, Italy still had 184 thousand cases and 316 victims.

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