“Monkey Lulu, a princess with open legs” / It’s a storm

Storm on the Internet for a series of insults addressed Katia Ricciarelli a Lulu Selassie during The thirty-first episode of Big Brother VIP 2021. After the clash with Lulu and Jessica and Clarissa Selassie’s relative confrontation with Manila Nazzaro, Katia Ricciarelli has spared no comment towards Lulu. Manuel Bortuzzo’s girlfriend had received heavy, indignant words on the web, which demanded immediate action against the singer from the Big Brother Vip. While talking to Manila Nazzaro, David Silvestri and Soleil Sorge about the quarrel with the Selassie sisters, Katia Ricciarelli allowed herself to move on to a comment that sparked a backlash on the internet.

Ricciarelli, referring to Lolo who was on the podium away with Manuel Portoso and Valeria Marini, would have said: “The princess standing with her legs open.” The lyrics sparked a web reaction that later also criticized the singer for another term used to address Lulu.

Katia Ricciarelli is too harsh on Lulu Selassiè: the web requires disciplined actions from the VIP big brother

Between Jessica and Lolli Selassie, Katia Ricciarelli Fierce comments are not spared on the address of girlfriend Manuel Portozzo. After the clear nominations during the 31st episode of Big Brother Vip 2021 where there was a tough confrontation between Soleil Sorge and other competitors that caused Alfonso Signorini’s reaction, Sully told Riccielli everything. “They started yelling at me,” La Sorge said, explaining what happened in the filter room. “World Health Organization? That monkey over there… Ah you can’t say, “ It was Ricciarelli’s comment.

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The word “monkey”, during the radio broadcast of the Big Brother Vip, sparked widespread controversy. At the beginning of the reality show, it was Sully Surge who used it and apologized live. This time around, the term Ricciarelli used has caused quite a stir on the web. On Twitter, many users are requesting action against the singer.

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