Allegri risks everything against his mentor

Allegri risks everything against his mentor

The CEO brought him to Milan to give his career a boost: Now the Juventus coach plays the role of the future in the home of those who discovered him

If life is a circle, then sports Max Allegri It can be closed directly in front of whoever made it take off. From Galiani In Galliani, the stride was long and well stretched, colored by several ‘rossobianconeri’ trophies, by two of the Champions (Lost) and from an ever-increasing tale that led him to consider it One of the best technicians around. The problem is that even at the highest elevations, sooner or later, the descent follows and the path of “cortomusista” does not look exactly at the height of Everest. Quite the opposite: its prices are currently very volatile and its popularity is declining.

The truth is that on Sunday, on MonzaMax, to close the circle of Mr. Max’s brilliant career could be the same man who launched him into orbit, and caught him from Cagliari To prolong the long list of technical bets won Arrigo Sake And continue with different Fabio Capello or Alberto Zaccheroni. Allegri was in those years a modern and up-and-coming coach, set off from the happy island on the doorstep of the Duomo without being devoured by Milan to drink, as a hobby, he knew how to burn coaches and players with the ferocity of cannibals of the ball. Allegri today is an experienced technicianperhaps unable to update himself in two years of purgatory, Definitely in trouble like never before. Out of competition, out of fashion, almost out of the game, at least in Europe.

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Find it again in Monza Adriano Galliani, with whom the relationship has remained more than friendly, it may be an opportunity to take another tour on the flying carpet of celebrities or the last stop in the march that his people, Juventus, would like to close yesterday, considering today the time is already too late. who says that His position in Juventus is more than stableTells a big lie. Because it’s one thing to question non-existent money and coaches who, to quote Arrivabene, “You pay?”. It’s different not to smell the ambiance of the box or even the dressing room which gives the feeling that the technician is out of place in some ways. “All Together” was announced via social media by Juventus In the wake of the terrible defeat against Benfica In that sense, it has air from the last stroke to try to stay afloat more than a safe swim. The same goes for what is coming from Turin in these hours about Juventus’ artistic future. Allegri doesn’t risk, OK, but what if he draws or loses at Monza? And before the last available stop to switch cards a little before heading towards the World Cup. In other words, “If not now, then when”? With the management of Juventus, or part of it, who thinks de zerby And the masses demand it Paulo MonteroAs if it is enough to vaccinate Juventus with a piece of stainless steel and strong to solve all the problems.

In short, the circle of Allegri’s sporting life returns to parts of Adriano Galliani as if it were all just a question. Nobody knows the answer, but what is certain is that it’s about kicking. To the crisis, to a career or just football.

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