Salud ensures that the normal activity of health centers continues despite the health pressure caused by respiratory viruses

Salud ensures that the normal activity of health centers continues despite the health pressure caused by respiratory viruses

The Department of Health ensured the continuation of normal activity in health centers despite the health pressure they are experiencing as a result of the increase in cases of respiratory viruses. The department noted in a statement that the centers are witnessing activity that is considered normal in the pandemic winter, and that is why it wanted to deliver a message of reassurance and reassurance to the public. Slott stressed that “health centers are witnessing normal activity during these dates and health equipment is ready to provide qualitative assistance.” Specifically, patronage activity increased by 5.3% in the last seven days in Catalonia and by 11.4% in the last 30 days.

Of all urgent activities in care centers (118,319 emergencies treated in the last seven days), one-third of the total is performed in CUAPs (40,996) and two-thirds in hospitals (77,323). The increase in activity in the past week was mainly attributed to CUAPs (19.2% more), which attended nearly 6,000 emergencies per day on average. In hospitals, admissions last week (at 9.9%, the same as in the past 30 days) remained similar to the annual rate.

As for SEM, its activity increased by 2.2% over the past week, reaching 21,409 visits within seven days.

The cessation of surgical activities scheduled during the Christmas holiday will allow space, if necessary, to be made available for healthcare requests in hospital beds. Then the epidemiological development of influenza will be monitored.

Salot acknowledges that both CAP, CUAP and hospitals are experiencing pressure of care, and adds that contingency plans have already been activated to ensure quality care and there has been no need for extraordinary measures. Aid activity this week and next is expected to remain at high levels. Slott emphasizes that regular follow-up visits for chronic diseases typical of primary care consultations are completely foolproof.

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In all cases, the department reminds citizens of the effectiveness of preventive measures such as washing hands, wearing a mask in the event of respiratory symptoms, or vaccination for the aforementioned groups, among others.

Data from the latest weekly update of the Information System for Infection Surveillance of Catalonia (SIVIC) indicate that the upward trend of the pandemic wave of influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) continues, while the incidence of Covid is stabilizing, with the decline in hospital-related income stabilizing. Influenza is the most common infection. From December 18 to 24, 10,077 cases of influenza were recorded, compared to 7,117 cases the previous week. It highlights the growth of influenza among children from week to week.

Health also noted that since December 1, the Comprehensive Emergency Plan for Catalonia (PIUC) for the 2023-24 season has been activated, which aims to ensure the best healthcare response of the health system in the face of the “increase in the spread of the coronavirus”. Respiratory viruses in the fall and the epidemic season in the winter, with an investment of 37.5 million to strengthen health care throughout the national territory.

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