Pianist Clara Pia contemplates perfection at the Frisk Festival

Pianist Clara Pia contemplates perfection at the Frisk Festival

he Fresh festival Welcome to the pianist today at 9pm Clara Bea Who will bring his latest album corsetIn which he reflects on the violence that he asserts accompanies the concept of perfection in today’s society. It is an album he recorded with the participation of thirteen singers, among whom he appeared Silvia Perez Cruz, Ferran Palau, Albert Pla, or Salvador Sobralothers.

“The fact that there is a concept of perfection means that there must be imperfection. The truth is that all people in the world live in imperfection. So to remain in it means constant dissatisfaction. It is a violence that is not practiced and the truth is that capitalism, for me, is a means of controlling us.” .

Radio Cafe

Clara Pia, musician: “My music is more about live streaming than recording.”

Scenic proposal

Live, two voices, drums, keyboards and synthesizers accompany Clara Pia’s piano in this proposal.

“I think my music or the way I play has more to do with the live show than the recording. I mean, we record music and I was lucky enough to make this record with 13 different singers.”

Theater with Lol Bertrand and Manel Barceló

Sunday night from Fresh festival The stage will be marked and Scenic proposal for Lol Bertrand I Manel Barcelo With the offer Everything Pygmalion does. A text translated by Joan Oliver that is a love letter to the acting profession, but above all, in these critical moments for the language, it is also a tribute to the wealth of Catalan records.

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