“True love. Also because I have no possessions »- Corriere.it

“True love. Also because I have no possessions »- Corriere.it
From Simona Marchetti

In an interview with the weekly “Chi” newspaper, he revealed his plans to marry the model who is 26 years younger than him in the future. The wedding in September and the desire to have another child

A year and a half ago, Fabrizio Corona was about to marry entrepreneur Lea del Grosso (the publications were also published), and then the couple broke up. This time around, it looks like the former gossip photographer is really ready to hit the altar with Sarah Barbieri, the supermodel who in 2021 changed his life. “Sarah the groom, we are both getting married,” she announced to the weekly Chi, revealing that the wedding “will be in September, perhaps October, and it will be familiar and intimate.”

The age difference – she is 22 and 48 – does not frighten him at all. “She is 26 years younger than me, but she is not a child – Corona confirms -. Our love is true love. Also because they are….nolatinity. But I’m a good catch. Not on paper.” For Barbieri, the former photographer has only words full of love. “Sarah is a very special personHe has a head and a soul as deep as I have never met before in my life.”

A few days ago, the former king of paparazzi was given a medical assignment at a community facility in Limpiat (Monza Brianza), Waiting for September 17, 2024, when the sentence expires and space for dreams can really be returnedLike moving to the United States.

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