Science, Climate, and the Environment in the Fourteenth Edition of Pistoia Dialogues

Science, Climate, and the Environment in the Fourteenth Edition of Pistoia Dialogues

Anthropology Festival Pistoia Dialogues (May 26-28), Clockwork Julia Kogolli and promoted by the Caript Foundation and the Municipality of Pistoia Up Fourteenth edition. This year’s theme is “Human and non-human. We are nature.” In addition to meetings with writers and anthropologists, the program includes four appointments with some famous scientists.

Saturday 27 Mayat 11, in Piazza del Duomo, the geneticist Guido Barbugani He will be the protagonist of the meeting human since when? How and why we became one. Barbojani traces the history of mankind, investigating the events that made us human: when we stood on two legs, when we created the first tools and when we produced the first art form.

Guido Barbugani He deals with population genetics and evolutionary biology and is currently Professor of Genetics at the University of Ferrara. He has many articles in international magazines, novels and articles, including: The invention of races (Bombiani, 2006, 2018) and How were we. Stories from the great human history (Laterza, 2022).

Saturday 27 May17 at the Manzoni Theatre, Met Paulo Sotocoronathe meeting will take place “Everything changes”. Climate change and time.. and we? How does the climate change? Based on the analysis of statistics and case studies, Sotokoruna explains to us the real situation, calls for the adaptation imposed by the new climatic conditions and invites everyone to act concretely as soon as possible.

Paulo Sotocorona Participated in the Italian Expedition V to Antarctica. He has been the host and host of several TV shows such as Geo and Geo and for TMC and LA7. Among his books: window to the sky. Meteorological Handbook (Editrice Incontri Nautici, 1983) and a popular children’s book: What do clouds know? (Feltrinelli, 2010).

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Sunday 28 May The meeting will take place at 10 o’clock in the Bologna Theater bestial thoughts. Intelligence and awareness among flies, chicks, monkeys, and children From the neuroscientist George Vallortegara. The subject is conscious experience in man: when does it first appear? For any reason? The researcher will lead the audience on a journey through the minds of animals and through the labyrinths of the first neurons, wandering between novels and poems.

George Vallortegara He teaches neuroscience at the Center for Mind and Brain Sciences at the University of Trento, of which he is also Director. Author of many popular articles and texts, in 2016 he was awarded the Geoffroy Saint Hilaire International Award in Behavioral Science and an honorary degree from Ruhr University, Germany. He is currently a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology.

Sunday 28 May The meeting was scheduled for 3 pm at the Bologna Theater Trees: our present, our futureheld b Francis FerriniProfessor of Arboriculture and Tree Planting at the University of Florence.

Ferrini tells us about the essential bond between humans and trees, which are the symbol of the green struggle aimed at saving the Earth and its inhabitants.

Francis Ferrini He is the coordinator of the Scientific Committee for GEA (Green Economy Agriculture) of the Caript Foundation. Among his books we mention Friends tree (With A. Finney, ETS Publications, 2017) e New trees and people on the planet (with L. Del Vecchio, Elliot Editions 2022).

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