Pfas in Veneto, testimony of the lawyer who blamed the US giants: “Already in 1978 traces were discovered in the blood of employees”

Pfas in Veneto, testimony of the lawyer who blamed the US giants: “Already in 1978 traces were discovered in the blood of employees”

In court a Vicenza A.’s story capitalism bird of preywho used science to obtain it Material Chemicals, then resold and used in mass production of consumer goods. But when the companies involved found out Pfasor perfluoroalkyl substances, which have multiple industrial uses, which ended up in the water of A US RiverThey were the cause of illnesses and tumors, both of the factory workers and of the people who lived in the area. North American giants They took care not to make it public. Only about fifteen years later it wasnational agency To protect the environment, at that time the damage had already been done. To tell this story, which in West Virginia And Ohio It resulted in a $750 million settlement, was the attorney Robert Pilotthe protagonist of the class actions that drove both 3M and dupont on transactions of enormous value, for the benefit of a few thousand persons. The story only seems distant, though, as it took place on the other side of the Atlantic beginning in the 1990s. In fact, it closely affects Italy, because 3M and DuPont have been in contact since 1999 reduce ofthe company from Trissino, in the province Vicenzais believed to be the cause of groundwater contamination in three Veneto provinces (VicenzaPadua and Verona) affecting at least 350,000 people.

The extended statement of Attorney Bilot at the trial of L environmental disaster He asserted that American multinational corporations discovered the harmful effects of Pfas long before this happened in Italy. when they had ConfirmsHowever, they opened information channels with a series of comp in the world, including Mitene. Since the 2000s, there has been an exchange of data regarding the existence of files Toxic materials In the blood of factory workers Tricinoeven before the Irsa-Cnr study verified the state of contamination of the water canals in Veneto in 2013. These were the reports that the Metini consultant doctor said John Costa (Now a professor at the University of Milan, accused Vicenza), which has been in development since 2000. The contents of the analyzes were also submitted to Specal Vicenza, an architecture of Ols Perica based on the Veneto region, but without being owned by anyone in Italy Imagine From grave danger the workers fled. The latter only after many years resorted to CGIL which began with a complaint Criminal Procedure For manslaughter and manslaughter related to Pfas production that remains open, albeit with a request storage.

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Bellott’s account is an enormous help in the argument for claiming that he opposes A.J 15 directors metene, including technical managers, to be aware of environmental hazards and thus to be responsible for pollution. Since the 1960s, DuPont scientists have been worry of the toxic effects of Pfas. In the 1970s they tested it on mice, dogs and monkeys. From 1975 they extended investigations to blood banksAnd the discovery of the presence of organic fluorine. But we didn’t know where it came from.” In 1978, the multinational corporation 3M discovered that Pfoa and Pfas were in the blood of employees. Then DuPont made sure it could be dangerous Also for men. In 1981 I began a study of the children born to seven employees of the group, which found the presence of Pfas in the blood of children And endocrine problems in two cases.” It is always private companies that conduct research in the strictest secrecy Lab. In 1987, an association was found between Pfoa and cancer in the testes of rats. This discovery led DuPont and 3M to question the effect chemical treatment They had it on the territory. They find pollution on both sides of the river Ohiowhere thousands of tons of pollutants.

Attorneys helping Miteni, Mitsubishi, and Icig tried to stop it Depositriver, with devastating effects, by Bellotte, arguing that the American events did not concern the ongoing trial in Italy. President Antonella Crea He rejected exceptions and so the story continued until we got to the most embarrassing passage. DuPont decided to collect data from everything they own institutions in the world, starting from that Dutch which received the chemicals produced by Miteni and purchased by DuPont.” In 1998, 3M reported it to the US Environmental Protection Agency for the first time. The following year, the Italian Miteni entered communication In compliance with DuPont regarding data exchange. “There was one interview subscriberalso with 3M – revealed Pilot – which was attended by two representatives of Mitini, incl David Drosian (He was for a long time the prosecutor of the security of Mytene, he is one of the defendants, ed.). A study group, in which Dr. Costa also participated, was set up for Italians. In 2000, it was 3M that decided to put the program on hold productionDuPont, however, did not stop. In fact, “he asked Mitini directly if he would continue to also supply Pfas with market Europeanpromising an increase in orders.” In the early 2000s, Miteni began sending DuPont data about the presence of Pfas in the blood Workers. It comes to reports that only in 2016 Veneto region Mitini asked, through Spiesal Vicenza, when alarm clock It has already exploded.

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At the same time America The civil case began in 2001 with the closing of DuPont in 2004B practical hundreds of millions of dollars, who also pledged to start a three-person study group Epidemiologists independent. And so it was in 2012 that it was confirmed that i Pfas They were able to cause AI tumors testicles And kidney disease ThyroidUlcerative colitis cholesterol. Also as a result of those findings, the US authorities launched a campaign to monitor the presence of Pufoa and Pfas in waters around the world province National. Since then, the guidelines for drinkability of water while other studies have confirmed that Pfas “do harm immune response And people’s vaccines.” So it was one in the United States Civil case To highlight the damage of Pfas that Multinational corporations They did not disclose. A criminal investigation that began in 2005 was halted in 2007 after DuPont undertook to To cut Highly toxic production. In Italy, on the other hand, Miteni’s business only came to an end after licenses were banned and the company went bankrupt. Criminal cases are still open and health protection societies have requested one national law which prohibits the production and use of Pfas.

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